Bills steamroll Packers to speed up Aaron Rodgers’ downward spiral: Best memes and tweets

Bills steamroll Packers to speed up Aaron Rodgers’ downward spiral: Best memes and tweets

Green Bay Packers quarterback Aaron Rodgers. (Gregory Fisher-USA TODAY Sports)

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The Bills gave Twitter the opportunity to revel in Aaron Rodger’s misfortune before the Packers gave their fans some hope to cling to in a loss.

This week’s Sunday Night Football matchup looked potentially lopsided with the juggernaut Bills taking on the spiraling Packers.

And it mostly played out as expected with Buffalo jumping out to a big lead in the first half.

With the Packers trailing by multiple touchdowns and Aaron Rodgers looking like he had seen enough, Twitter went to town.

Best memes and tweets from the Bills besting Aaron Rodgers and the Packers

Aaron Rodgers seriously might retire mid season, he looks so fed up 😂😂

— Bears Nation (3-5) (@BearsNationCHI) October 31, 2022

It’s been a trip watching Aaron Rodgers go from being a d-bag who could play the QB position to a d-bag who cannot.

— Brian Nemhauser (@hawkblogger) October 31, 2022

As much fun as Twitter had trolling Rodgers, the Packers did show signs of life in the second half. In fact, fans in Green Bay mostly came away encouraged by the 10-point loss.

They didn’t roll over and die despite many opportunities to do so.

Actual bright spots on offense.

Packers have lost four straight and aren’t on the same level as the Bills, but they look like a much better football team coming out of this.

— Zach Kruse (@zachkruse2) October 31, 2022

Nowhere near as frustrated/upset with the Packers as I’ve been with them the past 4 weeks.

They’re 3-5 in a terrible conference and COULD use this as a building block.

Happy with what I saw as they battled against arguably the best team in football

— Tom Grossi (@tomgrossicomedy) October 31, 2022

Then again, there’s only so much positive you can say about a fourth-straight loss.

This was the Packers’ third loss by double digits this season. That already ties the most double-digit losses in a season with Aaron Rodgers at QB and it’s only Week 8. They also had three in 2014, 2016, 2018.

— Rob Demovsky (@RobDemovsky) October 31, 2022

If you would have told me the Packers put up almost 400 yards of offense, held Josh Allen to 13/25 passing for 218 yards, 2 td’s, 2 ints, won the turnover battle, ran for over 200 yards & won time of posession by over 7 minutes, I would have liked GB’s odds. But they lost by 10.

— Andy Herman (@AndyHermanNFL) October 31, 2022

It certainly could have been worse for the Packers, who trailed 24-7 at halftime. The Bills didn’t exactly impose their will on them in the second half the way they did in the first. That had Buffalo fans feeling just slightly uneasy.

Josh Allen said he has a crappy taste in his mouth because of his performance in the second half.

— Matthew Bové (@Matt_Bove) October 31, 2022

The Bills are good enough that they can get away with having a terrible second half against Green Bay, but if they played like this against anyone on their level they would have got leveled tonight.

That being said 27-17 in a “bad” game is kinda hilarious.

— Brett Kollmann (@BrettKollmann) October 31, 2022

Per the broadcast the Bills had only given up 17 second-half points all season. Packers have 10 tonight.

— Peter Bukowski (@Peter_Bukowski) October 31, 2022

My biggest takeaway from this game is the Bills can play a sloppy game against average teams and still win. The mistakes are a bit concerning, but they’re bound to happen in a 17 game season. Easier to swallow the mistakes in a win.

— Matthew Bové (@Matt_Bove) October 31, 2022

Bills played with their food and got caught playing someone that didn’t just roll over. Very annoying game.

— Peter Berkes (@peterberkes) October 31, 2022

Bills receivers and Jaire Alexander probably aren’t exchanging Christmas cards.

— Jay Skurski (@JaySkurski) October 31, 2022

The Bills have beaten the 3 other AFC division leaders (Chiefs, Titans, Ravens), the reigning SB champ (Rams) and reigning NFL MVP (Aaron Rodgers) this season.

— Doug Clawson (@doug_clawson) October 31, 2022

It says a lot about the Bills that they enjoyed a relatively comfortable victory despite two bad Josh Allen interceptions.

In the end, Allen finished with 218 yards and two touchdowns. He also rushed for 49 yards.

Rodgers had 203 yards and two touchdowns with one costly second-half interception while Aaron Jones feated with 143 yards on 20 carries.

The Bills will be on the road next week facing off with the Jets with a chance to grab more control of the AFC East.

The Packers will expect to have a better chance of ending their losing skid by taking on the Lions on the road. Detroit has lost five in a row.