Bismoi-Vishnu in off-spin practice in the guise of leg-spin

Bismoi-Vishnu in off-spin practice in the guise of leg-spin

Leg spinner badge next to the name. Though India did not win the Under-19 World Cup title in 2020, it was Ravi Vishnu who shed light on his personal performance. With the performance of that youth World Cup, he got a place in the 2021 Indian Premier League. This time the contract has been signed before the auction. The cap of the Indian national cricket team was lifted yesterday (Wednesday). India made their debut in the Twenty20 team in Eden.

However, Vishnu, who got the opportunity to play in the national team by betting on league spin, has turned Google into a weapon instead of league spin. It can be said that he is doing regular off-spin in the guise of leg-spin. Practice going on, how can a legspinner googly constantly? If he constantly googlies, can he still be called a legspinner? In Vishnu’s Google practice, his coach Pradyut Singh also prefers to call his favorite student a wrist spinner rather than a leg spinner.

Pradyut told Indian media, “There was always a problem with his action. He used to throw tennis balls. Has worked hard on it. I suggested leg spin as the height was low. The first few days I could not move my hands. Shah Rukh Pathan and I told him there was no need to bowl in side-arm action. If possible, come back with your hands behind your head. At least the hand will turn.

Pradyut added, “After the first two days of bowling like that, I see that his ball is falling normally and the right-hander is coming inside the batter. We never asked him to change this delivery. Since then, Robi has been causing problems for batsmen in Google.

Robbie’s career, however, began with the tennis ball. He was a medium pacer at that time. In Pradyut’s words, ‘At one time he used to play medium pace ball but he came to bowl with a lot of run-up. He could not stop to give a flight as he was running fast. Our fields here are all small. Giving a flight there means the batsman will bend his knees and sweep the slog. He doesn’t give the batsman much time to sweep. So it is not easy to run against Robi.