McDonald’s Thanksgiving hours: Is McDonald’s open on Thanksgiving?

McDonald’s Thanksgiving hours: Is McDonald’s open on Thanksgiving?

HOUSTON, TEXAS – JULY 28: A McDonald’s store is shown on July 28, 2021 in Houston, Texas. McDonald’s corporation has said that its sales are surpassing pre-pandemic levels across the world as more of its dining rooms reopen after being shutdown during the pandemic. The company has also said that menu-price increases, larger to-go orders and its new crispy chicken sandwiches have largely contributed to boosted sales across the U.S. (Photo by Brandon Bell/Getty Images)

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Can you get McDonald’s on Thanksgiving?

McDonald’s is an American institution and has been for decades. It’s one of the most reliable options for dining in America. Reliability and quality aren’t mutually exclusive, just to be clear, but if you’re hard up for food, it’s not a bad option at all.

So with Thanksgiving upon us, you may find yourself in need of something other than what you may typically find around the dinner table this holiday season. Maybe you’re working and can’t attend the family dinner, maybe you’re not celebrating for whatever reason. Maybe Grandma needs a thicker prescription and burned all the wood, half of the kitchen, and somehow the garage.

Regardless of the reason, you may find yourself in need of something other than turkey and stuffing on Thanksgiving. So if you’re someone who survived the Great Fire at Grandma’s ’22, or is simply celebrating on a different day, you may be able to find something decent to eat.

So if you’re hoping to swap out the turkey for chicken nuggets, and mashed potatoes for french fries, you’re in luck, as McDonald’s will in fact be open on Thanksgiving.

McDonald’s hours will vary from location to location on Thanksgiving

So we’ve solved the mystery of whether or not McDonald’s will be open on Thanksgiving. Now we have to have to look deeper and see when and for how long the fast food giant will be open. For most restaurants, you can expect normal hours of operation, but some will have different posted hours depending on who runs that crop of stores.

So the best bet is to call ahead or look up their store online to see if they’re open or not.

If all else fails, both Denny’s and IHOP are open, and IHOP is even serving a Thanksgiving-style platter for those interested.