NFL hot seat watch: What head coaches are feeling the heat in Week 10?

NFL hot seat watch: What head coaches are feeling the heat in Week 10?

Lovie Smith, Houston Texans. (Photo by Steve Marcus/Getty Images)

There will be at least two head-coaching vacancies across the NFL this upcoming offseason.

After the Carolina Panthers were the first NFL team to do so by firing Matt Rhule, the Indianapolis Colts joined the party by parting ways with Frank Reich at roughly the midway point.

With 10 teams changing head coaches this past offseason, we are not expected to see that many jobs open up across the league. However, this is the NFL, a league driven by parity, kooky owners and outlandish expectations. Usually anywhere between five and eight teams will be looking for a new head coach in any given offseason. At the very least, there will be two looking for new ones.

Here are five other coaches who could be out of a job by the end of the season if they do not win.

NFL hot seat watch: What coaches are under the most pressure in Week 10?


Lovie Smith

Houston Texans (1-6-1) Houston Texans

With Lovie Smith, the Houston Texans are getting an epic beard and that is it

I am going to be totally transparent here. I did not want want to put Lovie Smith on the hot seat for Houston Texans reasons, but here we are. In a league full of franchises that do not know what they are doing, the Texans have been in the headlines for all the wrong reasons since kicking Bill O’Brien to the curb. Smith is a nice man with an epic beard, but his team is 1-6-1 on the season…

Every other team in the league has won at least two games. While there are still some varying levels of intrigue regarding quarterback Davis Mills, he is a former five-star who played at Stanford with a giant neck. This is no Mike Glennon drive-thru experiment, this is the NFL! Houston has so many problems, but the Astros are not one of them. Smith has a chance at going one-and-done…

If any franchise can go back-to-back with one-and-done coaches, it would have to be the Texans.