NFL power rankings, Week 11: Dolphins rise, Rams fall

NFL power rankings, Week 11: Dolphins rise, Rams fall

In our NFL power rankings for Week 11, the Miami Dolphins are moving towards the top while the Los Angeles Rams are sinking once again.


Houston Texans 1-7-1

Last rank: 32nd

The Texans are all kinds of finished. Time to look into mock drafts for the next six months.


Las Vegas Raiders 2-7

Last rank: 28th

What a brutal, brutal, brutal loss. Josh McDaniels is on the hot seat.


Denver Broncos 3-6

Last rank: 26th

Denver has to be the most disappointing team in the league. Just a horrific campaign.


Chicago Bears 3-7

Last rank: 27th

The losses keep piling up for the Bears, but Justin Fields is looking like a star in the making.


Carolina Panthers 3-7

Last rank: 31st

P.J. Walker is fun, the defense is decent and Steve Wilks is making a good case to be the head coach in 2023.


New Orleans Saints 3-7

Last rank: 24th

It’s time for general manager Mickey Loomis to accept reality and blow this thing sky-high in the offseason.


Detroit Lions 3-6

Last rank: 30th

Dan Campbell finally got a road win! The Lions aren’t good, but they can score.


Pittsburgh Steelers 3-6

Last rank: 29th

Pittsburgh is in the unfamiliar role of playing spoiler, while trying to find out what to make of Kenny Pickett.


Jacksonville Jaguars 3-7

Last rank: 23rd

The Jaguars were +3 in the turnover margin against the Chiefs and still got blown out. Not ideal.


Cleveland Browns 3-6

Last rank: 21st

When the defense gives up 39 points, Jacoby Brissett and the offense have no chance with their run-first approach.


Indianapolis Colts 4-5-1

Last rank: 25th

Jeff Saturday gets to laugh at everybody for a week. Gets the win in his debut.


Los Angeles Rams 3-6

Last rank: 18th

The Rams are officially cooked. And now with Cooper Kupp hurt, they’ll be unbearable to watch.


Atlanta Falcons 4-6

Last rank: 17th

Losing to the Panthers might be the signal Atlanta is about to fall off the proverbial cliff.


Arizona Cardinals 4-6

Last rank: 22nd

The Cardinals went to Los Angeles and won. Can they get some momentum and find themselves in the postseason chase?


Green Bay Packers 4-6

Last rank: 20th

Huge win for the Packers, who now face another must-win at home against the Titans before visiting the Eagles.


Washington Commanders 5-5

Last rank: 19th

Washington is on the edge of the playoff picture, getting an enormous win on Monday night.


New England Patriots 5-4

Last rank: 15th

New England is in the mix, and comes out of its bye week drawing the Jets at home in a pivotal AFC East clash.


Tampa Bay Buccaneers 5-5

Last rank: 16th

Big win for the Bucs, who went halfway around the world and handled a tough Seahawks team.


Los Angeles Chargers 5-4

Last rank: 14th

The Chargers are now two back in the AFC West, and still haven’t beat anybody with a winning record.


Tennessee Titans 6-3

Last rank: 13th

That was one ugly game, but the Titans found a way to win.


Seattle Seahawks 6-4

Last rank: 10th

Seattle only drops a few spots. The Seahawks remain one of the league’s best stories, and now have a bye week before facing the Raiders.


New York Jets 6-3

Last rank: 12th

Huge game out of the bye against New England. A win, and the Jets are in phenomenal position to reach the playoffs.


Cincinnati Bengals 5-4

Last rank: 11th

Cincinnati has one of the toughest remaining slates, but first a rematch with the Steelers. Sounds weird, but a must-win for the Bengals.


Dallas Cowboys 6-3

Last rank: 5th

Rough loss. The Cowboys were sloppy for much of the evening at Lambeau, and it cost them dearly.


San Francisco 49ers 5-4

Last rank: 9th

Gutsy win by the 49ers, who judging from their schedule, could get white-hot for the next two months.


New York Giants 7-2

Last rank: 8th

New York keeps winning. The Giants are getting quality performances from Daniel Jones while Saquon Barkley continues to shine in his quest for a big contract.


Baltimore Ravens 6-3

Last rank: 7th

Baltimore has one of the easiest remaining schedules in the league. The Ravens could easily wind up with 13 wins.


Buffalo Bills 6-3

Last rank: 3rd

At some point, the team has to be more than Josh Allen doing everything.


Miami Dolphins 7-3

Last rank: 6th

The Dolphins are rolling. They’re 7-0 in games where Tua Tagovailoa starts and finishes the action.


Minnesota Vikings 8-1

Last rank: 4th

Minnesota may win nothing but close games, but it’s really good at doing so. The Vikings are in the hunt for home-field advantage.


Philadelphia Eagles 8-1

Last rank: 1st

Philadelphia falls from the ranks of the unbeaten. Still, the favorite in the NFC.


Kansas City Chiefs 7-2

Last rank: 2nd

The Chiefs find themselves with the best record in the AFC while only playing three teams with a winning record on their remaining docket.