NFL power rankings, Week 9: Commanders rise, Packers fall

NFL power rankings, Week 9: Commanders rise, Packers fall

The Washington Commanders are moving up in our NFL power rankings, while the Green Bay Packers fell again after a fourth consecutive loss.


Houston Texans 1-5-1

Last rank: 32nd

The Texans were at least competitive before the bye week. They’ve been blown out twice since.


Detroit Lions 1-6

Last rank: 30th

It might be time to start wondering if Dan Campbell survives his second season in Detroit.


Carolina Panthers 2-6

Last rank: 31st

The Panthers had two kicks to beat the Falcons and missed them both.


Pittsburgh Steelers 2-6

Last rank: 28th

Kenny Pickett has been a disappointment to this juncture. Too many turnovers.


Jacksonville Jaguars 2-6

Last rank: 25th

With a loss to Denver, the Jaguars are officially cooked. Trevor Lawrence isn’t playing well at all.


Denver Broncos 3-5

Last rank: 29th

Russell Wilson must have been something truly special on the flight back to Denver. The Broncos finally get off the snide.


Chicago Bears 3-5

Last rank: 26th

Chicago is playing better, but the Bears are simply too limited t make any significant mistakes and win.


Indianapolis Colts 3-4-1

Last rank: 20th

Indianapolis has to be devastated. The Colts led Washington 16-7 in the fourth quarter at home and lost.


Las Vegas Raiders 2-5

Last rank: 19th

When you get skunked against the Saints, facing a depleted secondary, it’s time to panic.


Cleveland Browns 3-5

Last rank: 27th

Huge, emphatic win over the Bengals. Suddenly, Cleveland remains alive in the AFC.


New Orleans Saints 3-5

Last rank: 24th

The Saints got a huge win over the Raiders, and now find themselves only one game back of the NFC South-leading Falcons.


Arizona Cardinals 3-5

Last rank: 21st

Arizona needs more from Kyler Murray. Two interceptions and few big plays. Not enough, especially with a leaky defense.


Tampa Bay Buccaneers 3-5

Last rank: 16th

The Buccaneers are an offensive mess, and now Shaq Barrett is gone for the year with a torn Achilles. This could get out of control.


Green Bay Packers 3-5

Last rank: 15th

Green Bay doesn’t have the weaponry to beat anybody decent. That was incredibly evident against the Bills on Sunday night.


New England Patriots 4-4

Last rank: 23rd

New England doesn’t do anything incredibly well, but the Patriots are in the AFC wild card race thanks to an important win over the Jets.


Washington Commanders 4-4

Last rank: 22nd

The Commanders are suddenly in the mix after winning once again. Taylor Heinicke is sparking the offense in big moments.


Los Angeles Chargers 4-3

Last rank: 17th

The Chargers are coming out of their bye to play the Falcons and 49ers on the road. They need to stop the run, or they’ll get blasted.


Los Angeles Rams 3-4

Last rank: 14th

At some point, the offense has to be more than Cooper Kupp on every down. Also, the defense was bullied all over the field against the Niners.


Atlanta Falcons 4-4

Last rank: 18th

Atlanta won, then lost, then lost again, then actually beat the Panthers. That game likely caused people in Georgia to take up smoking.


New York Jets 5-3

Last rank: 12th

The Jets need much more from Zach Wilson if they’re going to survive the Breece Hall injury.


Cincinnati Bengals 4-4

Last rank: 7th

The Bengals were starting to really warm up, and then Monday night happened. Woof.


Seattle Seahawks 5-3

Last rank: 13th

Seattle is a really fun team that suddenly is playing really well defensively. The Seahawks are a real playoff contender.


Tennessee Titans 5-2

Last rank: 11th

Despite no passing attack, the Titans rolled the Texans behind a phenomenal Derrick Henry performance. Now, the Chiefs at Arrowhead.


San Francisco 49ers 4-4

Last rank: 10th

Christian McCaffrey showed why he was worth four draft picks to San Francisco. What an absurd performance.


Miami Dolphins 5-3

Last rank: 9th

The Dolphins were able to keep scoring and finally put the clamps on Detroit in the second half. Another winnable game against the Bears is up next.


Baltimore Ravens 5-3

Last rank: 8th

Baltimore was able to run the ball at will in the second half, trouncing the Buccaneers. Now, a long rest before New Orleans on Monday night.


New York Giants 6-2

Last rank: 4th

The Giants couldn’t go cross-country and handle the Seahawks. When New York runs for 2.8 yards per carry, it’s going to be ugly.


Dallas Cowboys 6-2

Last rank: 6th

The Cowboys are a legitimate contender. Excellent defense, solid offense and a coach who isn’t actively hurting the team.


Minnesota Vikings 6-1

Last rank: 5th

Say what you will about the Vikings and how they’re winning, but Minnesota is 3.5 games ahead in the NFC North. Looking like a runaway.


Kansas City Chiefs 5-2

Last rank: 3rd

The Chiefs come out of their bye with home dates against the Titans and Jaguars. This is an opportunity for Kansas City to really get rolling.


Buffalo Bills 6-1

Last rank: 2nd

Not their best effort, but the Bills were never in serious danger against the Packers. That’s the mark of a great team.


Philadelphia Eagles 7-0

Last rank: 1st

Jalen Hurts and A.J. Brown are turning into one of the great duos the league has in 2022. Another three touchdowns against the helpless Steelers.