Patrick Mahomes has perfect reaction to F1 reporter thinking he was Paolo Banchero

Patrick Mahomes has perfect reaction to F1 reporter thinking he was Paolo Banchero

It seems redundant to point out, but things happen incredibly fast at an F1 course. Not only is the very nature of the sport blindingly fast, but the need to process information is heightened thanks to the high octane stakes at play.

Life also comes at you fast during a Formula 1 event, which is something longtime reporter Martin Brundle found out when he did the one thing no one wants to do: Go viral for the wrong thing.


Thankfully this isn’t an old tweets situation, but rather a seasoned pro getting caught in real time being way too far out of his depth.

Here’s the situation. Brundle was mingling with the famous faces in attendance for the Miami Grand Prix on Sunday and came across who he accurately recognized as an athlete. Everything after that couldn’t have gone more poorly if Brundle had tried.

F1 reporter Martin Brundle thought Paolo Banchero was Patrick Mahomes

In one of the toughest looks in recent memory — and a true all-timer — Brundle kept referring to the person he was speaking to as Patrick Mahomes. The only problem was that the man he was speaking to was not Mahomes and was in fact future NBA lottery pick Paolo Banchero, who most recently helped Duke to the Final Four a month ago.

Banchero had some fun with the goof once it started to go viral.

And of course Mahomes weighed in on being mistaken for someone decidedly less famous than he is and categorically a different kind of athlete.

A brief comparison of Patrick Mahomes and Paolo Banchero:

  • Patrick Mahomes is 6’3″, Paolo Banchero is 6’10”
  • Mahomes is the face of multiple national ad campaigns, Banchero is not (yet)
  • Mahomes is one of the most famous athletes on the planet, Banchero is still taking Finals exams
  • Once more, Mahomes is 6’3″ and Banchero is nearly seven feet tall

Personally, I’d like to thank Brundle for this algorithmic snafu. He managed to combine Patrick Mahomes, Duke basketball, and F1 into one content creation dream come true. So this might actually be a stroke of genius and not at all the blunder it initially appears to be.

Let’s not kill Brundle too much for this, because it’s less a case of a reporter not being good as their job and more a reporter being asked to cover something they’re clearly not familiar with. This isn’t the first time an athlete has been mistaken for another, but it’s certainly the most hilarious example we’ve seen in quite a while.