Shakib, who did not get a team in IPL, will play Test in South Africa?

Shakib, who did not get a team in IPL, will play Test in South Africa?

Before the auction of the Indian Premier League, there was a strong discussion about Shakib Al Hasan. The Tigers all-rounder does not want to play a two-match Test series despite playing ODIs in the upcoming tour of South Africa. However, Shakib did not want to play Test for the IPL, Shakib did not get any team in the auction. New discussions are going on with him since then, will he play Test in South Africa instead of decision?

Nazmul Abedin Fahim, the advisor of his Bangladesh Premier League team Fortune Barisal, spoke to the media today (Wednesday) about whether Shakib will play Tests. Where Fahim’s advice to Shakib, Shakib has to understand the importance. If necessary, Fahim advised Shakib and the board to sit down and talk.

Fahim was saying in Mirpur, ‘There was no separate talk about it. There was no word on whether he was going to play. My advice would be to play all. Whenever he is available, I want him to play all the games of Bangladesh. His body should be fine. We need to think about where we can take a break for physical reasons. ‘

Fahim added, “He has to play with an understanding of the importance. So Shakib and the board have to sit down and talk and play somewhere. Available but may not play a series, may not play a test for physical recovery. I think the talks can come to a decision through discussion.