The real match is the same for Messi as it is for Mbabane

The real match is the same for Messi as it is for Mbabane

PSG will take the field against Real Madrid in the Champions League today. In addition, Manchester City will play against Sporting. Watch T20 cricket between Australia and Sri Lanka at noon .

Real Madrid is his childhood favorite club. Los Blancos also want all future plans to revolve around him. Killian Mbabane is heading to Real Madrid, a news that has been in the transition season for the last few years. But do not go. This time, of course, the possibility is quite strong.

Mbabane is sure to go to Real at the beginning of next season. Before that, of course, they have to go down against the Spanish club. Mbabane club PSG will play against Real Madrid in the last 16 of the Champions League. How can MBAP think about this match? Real coach Ancelotti at least thinks, just like the other players.

“Every player who plays wants to help the team and beat the opponent,” he told a news conference. Mbabane is thinking about this match as much as Vinicius, Benzema or Messi. He will want to knock us out of the tournament to win the Champions League.

Ancelotti believes the match will be great, ‘Both teams have to play against a great team, that’s the big pressure. We don’t have to think too far. You have to be ready for this match, you have to handle the pressure. It’s not a fad, it’s an inspiration. We want to win against a big team, in a different kind of stadium. ‘

Ancelotti was the PSG coach from 2011 to 2013. Many memories of her in Park the Princess. Ancelotti’s team will have to come down to defeat PSG in this field. Earlier, the Italian coach recalled the love of PSG fans.

“I have fond memories of this club,” he said. The fans loved it a lot. Maurosio is doing great. Coaching such a club is not an easy task because there is a lot of pressure. The most important thing is to win. It’s more than that. ‘

“I have to listen and make decisions,” Ancelotti said of Real’s biggest star Benzema’s play. Got medical clearance. He ran and sprinted in practice. But you also have to understand your feelings. I have to wait for his words. He hasn’t been playing for a month, but he has to understand that he has to play. ‘