Twitter thinks Aaron Rodgers should retire at halftime: Best memes and Tweets about INTs

Twitter thinks Aaron Rodgers should retire at halftime: Best memes and Tweets about INTs

Aaron Rodgers, Detroit Lions (Photo by Rey Del Rio/Getty Images)

Watch: Aaron Rodgers lost his mind on Packers sideline after brutal redzone turnover (Video) by Josh Hill

Aaron Rodgers is not having a good day. Twitter took an opportunity to roast him for throwing two red zone interceptions in the first half against Detroit.

Green Bay Packers quarterback Aaron Rodgers is on pace for over 11 interceptions this season, which would be the most he’s thrown since he had 13 in 2008. Today, already, two of those interceptions have come in the red zone, with one bouncing off a defender’s helmet and the other the result of a weak throw.

Rodgers seemed pretty peeved after the first interception (not sure exactly who he was mad at here, if not himself) and even more so about the second one.

Twitter had some thoughts about Rodgers and his Week 9 (well, really, entire season) struggles.

Twitter thinks Aaron Rodgers should retire at halftime

Not the best decision from Rodgers on the second interception.

Lots of people are joking that this is it for Rodgers.

Rodgers can’t do anything today, not even hang up a phone correctly. Hey, at least he’s not smashing Microsoft Surface tablets, right?

Rodgers is looking for anyone to blame but himself, it seems. This Michael Scott clip sums that up pretty well.

Maybe Rodgers misunderstood the rulebook for some reason today. INTs are not good, Aaron.

New career incoming?

About to go into the half, the Packers and Lions are tied at zero. So far it looks like this game deserves to end in a goose egg tie.

Maybe this performance is an intentional botch-job to force general manager Brian Gutekunst to go out and get Odell Beckham Jr.