World Cup 2022: Which teams can qualify for knockout stages?

World Cup 2022: Which teams can qualify for knockout stages?

Some of the biggest names of the football fraternity are in danger of making an early exit from the ongoing quadrennial mega event.

The World Cup 2022 is nearing the end of its group stage, with only the incumbent champions France through to the round of 16. The curse that every team held after being eliminated from the tournament after winning it the previous year, despite the fact that France broke the curse and is the only nation to enter the knockout rounds.

In contrast to other countries, it will be decided on the final group stage games. Many are still on the verge of elimination, while others will go to the round of 16 if they win or draw. This article will look at how nations in each category will qualify.

Group A

Group A has the Netherlands, Ecuador, Senegal, and Qatar. Qatar is out of the World Cup after two consecutive defeats. The Netherlands are almost in the qualification zone, and a draw or win will ensure they advance. While Senegal and Ecuador face each other, the winner will join the Netherlands in qualification.

Group B

This group includes Iran, England, Wales, and the United States. The Three Lions lead the table with four points, and a win or draw against Wales will put them in the knockout rounds. Wales has very little chance of making the round of 16, and they will need to score four goals. While a winner between the United States and Iran would advance to the next round, a tie might send Iran to the last 16.

Group C

Argentina, Poland, Saudi Arabia, and Mexico are among the members of this group. Poland leads the table and will advance to the last 16 if they defeat Argentina, while Argentina must beat Poland to advance to the next round. Whoever wins the match between Saudi Arabia and Mexico will join either Poland or Argentina in the knockout stages. Argentina can potentially qualify if they draw with Poland and Mexico wins against Saudi Arabia, but the outcome will be determined by goal difference.

Group D

Group D includes Australia, Denmark, France, and Tunisia. The 2018 World Cup champions have already secured their place in the final 16. It will be decided by the match between Denmark and Australia; whichever wins will qualify alongside France, who will face Tunisia. If Denmark and Tunisia win over their respective opponents, qualifying will be determined by goal difference.

Group E

On the final day of Group E, Spain, Germany, Costa Rica, and Japan will all be vying to advance to the next round. Spain tops the table and will face Japan, while Germany will face Costa Rica. Spain will qualify if they win, but a draw will suffice as long as Costa Rica doesn’t win. Germany will have a chance to go to the knockout stage of World Cup 2022 if they defeat Costa Rica and hope that Spain does not lose to Japan, as La Roja will qualify by goal difference.

Group F

Canada, Croatia, Morocco, and Belgium make up Group F. Canada is already out of contention, and Croatia, Belgium, and Morocco have stiff competition to qualify. Morocco will face Canada, while Croatia will face Belgium. A win or a draw advances Modric and company to the next round, while a win or a draw advances Morocco to the knockout stages. A win will help Belgium to advance to the round of 16.

Group G

Brazil will play Switzerland, and whoever wins will advance to the knockout stage, while a draw will give Cameroon and Serbia a huge advantage.

Serbia drew with Cameroon and will have one more possibility against Switzerland and Brazil, respectively. Even a loss versus Brazil will not hurt Switzerland’s chances because they will have another game to look forward to, and the same is valid for Brazil.


Group H

All four countries can still qualify, but Ghana’s victory over South Korea on Monday gives them a strong chance. South Korea have a slight chance if they beat Portugal on the final day and the other results go in their favour.

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