Cyber ​​attacks in Ukraine

Cyber ​​attacks in Ukraine

A confrontation between Russia and the United States over Ukraine has led to reports of cyber attacks in the country. The cyber-attack took place on Tuesday on the websites of the Ukrainian Ministry of Defense and the Armed Forces and on the websites of two banks.

As a result of the attack, at least 10 websites in Ukraine, including the Ministry of Defense, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Culture, and the two largest state-owned banks in Ukraine, have been denied access. News from AP News and CNN.

Ukraine has not commented directly on who it blames for Tuesday’s attack, but its statement did indicate a hint at Russia, according to Reuters.

The statement did not name Russia, but said that the decision was made in an “unprofessional manner”.

Victor Zhora, deputy chairman of Ukraine’s Strategic Communications and Information Security and an investigator, told CNN that it was not immediately clear who was responsible for the hacking. However, it cannot be said that the attackers used this tactic to inflict any minor damage. Because on a large scale their offensive plan may not have worked. However, work is underway to restore the cyber system.

Meanwhile, Poland has taken a cautious stance after receiving news of hacking of Ukrainian government sites. Security services and public administration officials have been warned by the Polish government over reports of a cyber attack in Ukraine.