Meta finally made a Quest 2 Black Friday deal worth buying

Meta finally made a Quest 2 Black Friday deal worth buying

The last two Black Fridays, Meta hasn’t discounted the Quest 2, only offering a $50 gift card with the full-priced headset last November. This year, VR holdouts have a more tempting reason to buy one: starting on Friday, November 18, the Meta Quest 2 128GB will be $50 off ($350) and the 256GB model $70 off ($430)

You’ll find the Quest 2 on sale at Amazon, Best Buy, Walmart, Target, GameStop, or the Meta Store, “while supplies last.” Meta might have a better Quest 2 Black Friday deal on November 25, but given its stingy history with deals, our honest opinion is you shouldn’t wait for a hypothetical deal that may not come — especially if you want to upgrade to the 256GB version. 

Once your headset arrives, you’ll be able to download both Beat Saber ($30) and Resident Evil 4 VR ($40) for free, saving you even more money — though you’ll probably end up spending some of that saved money on Beat Saber DLC like the Lady Gaga or Lizzo Music Packs. 

Beat Saber is the most popular game on the Quest Store for a reason, letting you immerse yourself in slashing away at music blocks to the rhythm of popular artists like The Weeknd or BTS, and you’ll even burn some calories while doing so. And Resident Evil 4 VR is a fantastic port of the original, converting its third-person gameplay seamlessly into first-person for dozens of hours of shooter/ horror fun.

So set yourself a calendar reminder for Friday and — if you want — bookmark this page, as we have the links to all six deal retail options in the US for when this deal goes live, in case stock is limited. It’s hands-down the best VR headset available today, and trust us when we say that Quest 2 deals almost never happen.