Nintendo Expands Switch Online’s SNES Library With Three More Titles

Nintendo Expands Switch Online’s SNES Library With Three More Titles

Nintendo continues to bolster its Switch Online retro library and today it’s added three more titles to the Super Nintendo collection.

This line-up is a little bit different as includes a few Japan-only Super Famicom releases. This includes Wrecking Crew ’98 – a sequel to the original NES title, and Sunsoft’s 1994 Hebereke fighting spin-off Amazing Hebereke. Last but not least is IREM’s Super R-Type, which originally debuted on the Super Nintendo in 1991.

Here’s a bit about the latest releases for the Switch Online Super Nintendo library:

Wrecking Crew ’98 – Mario picks up his Wrecking Crew hammer in this action puzzler previously only available in Japan. In this game you can play either the original Wrecking Crew or the updated Wrecking Crew ’98, each version featuring its own challenges to puzzle through. Wreck your way across 100 stages as Mario in Wrecking Crew and dodge enemies while knocking down walls and ladders. Then out-wreck the competition in Wrecking Crew ’98 by destroying and arranging panels to line up matching colors. Clear four or more panels at once to launch an attack on your opponent – the more panels you clear, the more powerful your attack! Do you have what it takes to bring the hammer down and claim victory?

Amazing Hebereke – Developed by SUNSOFT and originally released for the Super Famicom system in 1994, Amazing Hebereke is about to make its U.S. debut! Engage in cute and chaotic battles in single-player mode or with up to four players** in VS. mode. Select your character, then tussle on stages littered with items and traps to make use of (or fall victim to)! Unleash your character’s special attack and try to be the last one standing.

SUPER R-TYPE – A galactic battle begins! The evil BYDO Empire of mutant extraterrestrials is back and poised to launch a new attack on Earth. Only the revolutionary R-9, the planet’s most advanced form of defense, stands between it and certain doom. Fight through seven challenging stages against foes with advanced fire power – picking up power-up items as you progress – before taking on powerful level bosses. You’ll need lightning reflexes and a big dose of cosmic luck to hold your own. Luckily, several difficulty options are available to adjust the experience, from NOVICE all the way up to the ultimate challenge of PRO mode. “R” you ready to battle across the vast frontiers of space?

Japan’s line up this week is also slightly different. Alongside Wrecking Crew ’98 and Super R-Type, it’s received Battletoads in Battlemaniacs (already available locally for the Switch Online service) and the 1996 Eiji Aonuma-directed title Marvelous: Mōhitotsu no Takarajima (Marvelous: Another Treasure Island).

This was the Zelda producer’s first title he ever directed a game. It draws inspiration from A Link to the Past and also happens to run on the same game engine. You can check it out in the footage below. To play this one, you’ll need to download the Japanese Super Famicom application.

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