Poll: Do you wear your smartwatch or wearable when you sleep?

Poll: Do you wear your smartwatch or wearable when you sleep?

Smartwatches quite a few uses beyond checking notifications and interacting with apps on your phone. Many of them feature helpful sleep tracking features that can give you a glimpse at your sleeping habits. Of course, in order to do that, you have to go to sleep wearing a smartwatch or another type of wearable, although there are a few examples of off-body tracking.

With that in mind, we want to know if you like to sleep with your smartwatch or another type of wearable.

Many of the best Android smartwatches feature pretty detailed sleep tracking, allowing you to view how long you were asleep and your various sleep stages. That includes times when you were awake, in light sleep, REM sleep, or deep sleep. The REM stage is associated with dreaming, while deep sleep helps your body recover, relaxing your muscles and steadying your breathing/heart rate. Light sleep is the easiest stage to wake up to, and some wearables can wake you during these times based on your alarm so that you feel less groggy.

Smart Wake activates a gentle buzz on your wrist during your lightest sleep stage so you can really take flight when it’s time to rise. Goodbye, groggy. Hello, energy. #sleep #sleepbetter #smartwake pic.twitter.com/LPQ16r9p2HJanuary 26, 2021

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Some wearables can even tell you how long it took to fall asleep, and devices like the Oura Ring can track your blood oxygen levels while you sleep. Some devices can even record the sounds you make while you sleep for anyone curious about their snoring habits. The Galaxy Watch 5 can do just that, which can sound a bit creepy but may help you address an annoying sleep habit or indicate an underlying sleep condition like sleep apnea.

Putting all this data together, such as sleep efficiency, latency, and how much you moved during your sleep, many wearable apps like Fitbit offer a sleep score, giving you a quick idea of how well you slept. You can use this data to figure out ways to improve your sleep. Fitbit and Samsung wearables also assign sleep animals, matching users with cute animals based on their sleep habits.

Samsung has packed a ton of features in the Galaxy Watch 5, making it the ultimate smartwatch for health and fitness tracking. Not only can you record workouts, but it can also provide you with body composition readings and track your sleep for a more complete picture of your health.