The best Chromebook for students is currently cheaper than it's ever been

The best Chromebook for students is currently cheaper than it's ever been

We’ve been busy keeping track of Black Friday sales all month long, but a Chromebook deal just landed that has stopped us in our tracks. At this very moment, you can get the ASUS Flip C214 for a whopping 50% off (opens in new tab) at Amazon, an unprecedented discount that sends the price of the Chromebook crashing down to just $175.92, no strings attached. 

If the laptop sounds familiar to you, that’s because we’ve listed the ASUS Flip C214 as the best student Chromebook time and time again. The Chromebook has pretty much everything a high school or college-aged student could ever need: a super durable-yet-lightweight construction with rubberized edges (perfect for tossing into a backpack), a battery that’ll last up to 12 hours on a single charge, and a convertible design that’ll let you transform the laptop into a tablet in an instant. Sure, the C214 is technically three years old at this point, but the specs hold up, and the laptop is scheduled to receive updates until 2027 — plenty of time to finish that degree. 

Get 50% off the best Chromebook for students now

The ASUS Flip C214 typically retails for around $349.99, which isn’t bad, but the current 50% discount makes this 5-star Chromebook seriously irresistible. At this point, it’s hard to say whether this is one of those Black Friday deals that could disappear at any second or if the price drop is here to stay. All I know is that I’d be very surprised if the price dropped any lower this holiday season, so I’d recommend making the purchase before they sell out completely.

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