The Galaxy S22 Ultra has a pixel problem and Samsung is fixing it

The Galaxy S22 Ultra has a pixel problem and Samsung is fixing it

The Samsung Galaxy S22 series just started shipping out, and already a number of users are reporting an issue with their brand new Galaxy S22 Ultra.

According to complaints on Reddit, many early buyers of the Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra are seeing a column of pixels across the phone’s display. The problem appears to be isolated to the Exynos 2200 model for now, possibly because the Snapdragon 8 Gen 1 version hasn’t reached many customers just yet.

You can see images of affected Galaxy S22 Ultra units below.

While some users are seeing the pixelated line at the bottom half of their screens, for others, it appears in the middle as well as the top of the panel. That said, the glitch isn’t fixed on the screen. It mostly comes up while watching videos or playing games.

The good news is that Samsung has confirmed it’s not a problem with the hardware of the Galaxy S22 Ultra.

In a support forum spotted on Reddit, Samsung wrote the following:

The company further noted that it’s already developing a patch for the problem and will soon roll it out via a software update. Until then, it recommends changing the Galaxy S22 Ultra’s screen mode to Vivid or resolution to FHD+.