Twitter unveils 'Official' label to distinguish verified accounts from Blue subscribers

Twitter unveils 'Official' label to distinguish verified accounts from Blue subscribers

What you need to know

Twitter is launching a new label for verified accounts.The new “Official” label is meant to differentiate verified accounts from Twitter Blue subscribers.It will be rolled out to select accounts, such as media outlets and government accounts.

Twitter has devised a way to steer clear of any confusion between the soon-to-be-for-sale blue checkmarks and verified accounts by launching a new “Official” label. However, this isn’t for everyone.

Esther Crawford, Twitter’s product management director, has revealed in a tweet (opens in new tab) that the social media company will introduce this new verification feature to select accounts. It means accounts that already have a blue tick will receive the “Official” status to indicate that they are verified. The same label will presumably be given to new accounts that pass the platform’s verification process.

On the other hand, not everyone will be able to get the new label. More to the point, it won’t be available to users that don’t meet the qualifications, even if they are Twitter Blue subscribers with a blue checkmark next to their profile name.

Crawford clarified that the new status will only be granted to “government accounts, commercial companies, business partners, major media outlets, publishers and some public figures.” Unlike these types of accounts, Blue subscribers don’t need to go through ID verification.

Elon’s Twitter is likely to formally roll out the new $8-per-month Blue subscription on Wednesday after it was supposedly delayed due to the midterm elections in the United States, according to The New York Times (opens in new tab). The latest change raises the service’s monthly fee from $4.99 a month to $8, its second price hike in three months. 

Twitter's new official label

(Image credit: Esther Crawford / Twitter)

The pricier Blue subscription promises to give subscribers access to select features, including the blue tick and the ability to edit tweets and post longer videos and audio clips. However, the blue checkmark, which was once free and coveted by many, will soon no longer guarantee that an account bearing this badge is authentic.

It may solve the current confusion surrounding Twitter’s new blue checkmark and verification status, but it may leave some still confounded as the previous blue “Verified” badge used to be an elusive symbol that wasn’t accessible to everyone. Soon, anyone will be able to get it simply by paying for it.