Uncontrolled Chinese rockets will hit the moon

Uncontrolled Chinese rockets will hit the moon

Part of a rocket will hit the moon next month. This rocket has no control. It will explode as soon as it falls on the moon. This will be the first case of uncontrolled rocket explosion on the moon. The rocket was originally thought to have been sent by technology entrepreneur Elon Musk’s company, SpaceX. But now scientists say it’s not part of a SpaceX mission. According to the BBC, it is the wreckage of a Chinese rocket. The rocket was sent by China in 2014 as part of the lunar mission.

Scientists say that even if the wreckage of the rocket hits the surface of the moon, the effect will be minimal.

Last January, astronomers first saw an object approaching the moon. According to their calculations, the wreckage of the rocket will hit the moon on March 4.

Parts that become useless after completing a mission in space and cannot be brought back to Earth are known as space debris.

U.S. data analyst Bill Gray first identified the wreckage of the rocket as part of a Falcon Nine rocket launched by SpaceX in 2015. SpaceX continues to work to create human habitation on Mars. Bill Gray later said that something was wrong with him. The rocket that hit the moon is part of China’s Changi 5-TI mission.

Jonathan McDowell, a professor at the Harvard-Smithsonian Center for Astrophysics in the United States, said he agreed with Bill Gray’s new calculation. There is a lot of uncertainty about the identification of space debris, which can be misleading.

Resources for space waste monitoring are limited. “We rely on a small team of volunteers to monitor space debris,” McDowell said. They do this in their own time. Therefore, the scope of multiple experiments is limited.

A team from the U.S. Army’s Space Force observes space debris very close to Earth. However, objects far away in space remain out of observation.

McDowell said he was 80 percent sure the object hitting the moon was part of a 2014 Chinese rocket. When the object is first identified; McDowell said at the time that this was the first time that an uncontrolled rocket had landed on the moon. The rocket will explode as soon as it comes in contact with the surface of the moon.