Will older Amazon Fire HD 8 cases fit on the 2022 version?

Will older Amazon Fire HD 8 cases fit on the 2022 version?

Will older Amazon Fire HD 8 cases fit on the 2022 version?

Best answer: No. While these devices carry the same name, there are differences in where the buttons, ports, camera, and a light change in size that won’t let the previous generation Amazon Fire HD 8 cases work for the 2022 iteration.

Close, but not quite

Amazon Fire tablets are some great devices, especially given their prices. The Fire HD 8 (2022) brings some good upgrades over the previous models that many users will enjoy. If you’re upgrading from the 2020 version and want to keep your case or are looking to purchase a case — will the earlier model cases work for the 2022 version?

Unfortunately, no, you won’t be able to continue using your older Fire HD 8’s case. This also applies when browsing for a new case. While it would be nice to be able to reuse that old case, Amazon has made some physical changes in tandem with the internal ones, so the old case just won’t work anymore.

Amazon Kindle app open on Amazon Fire HD 8 (2022) in landscape view

(Image credit: Andrew Myrick / Android Central)

For starters, the actual shape of the tablet has changed slightly. The dimensions of the latest 12th Gen tablet are just a tad bit different compared to the 10th Gen, 7.94” x 5.40” x 0.37” and 8.0” x 5.4” x 0.4” respectively. Then there are the volume rocker and power button placements that have been switched. Because of this, any cases before the 2022 version just won’t fit the latest Fire HD 8 (2022).

Even though Amazon has changed the tablet enough to ruin any chance of your old case working, we have rounded up some of the best cases for your Fire HD 8. We also have a couple of recommendations below.

Power in a comfortable size

The Fire HD 8 got its upgrade this year and the changes made were excellent. The faster processor leads to a much better experience while using the tablet. Amazon also improved the battery life to keep it all powered up.

Amazon Fire HD 8 (2022) Tablet Cover

Style and coverage

Amazon has always made great first-party accessories for its products and this case for the Fire HD 8 is no exception. The fabric on the outside has a great feel to it, and the folding cover makes a nice stand to prop up your tablet.

Amazon Kid-Friendly Case for Fire HD 8 (2022)


This silicone case offers excellent protection for your tablet without adding much in terms of bulk. Should it accidentally fall, you can be sure it’ll survive. There’s also a handy kickstand on the back to prop it up.