Brits reveal their top holiday antics from stealing hotel toiletries to boozing at the airport

Brits reveal their top holiday antics from stealing hotel toiletries to boozing at the airport

THE nation’s top holiday antics include having dessert every day, skinny dipping, and nabbing hotel toiletries.

A study of 2,000 adults revealed the top 40 things people only typically do when abroad, with dining out daily coming top (47 per cent), followed by drinking at the airport (29 per cent) and not worrying about money (29 per cent).

Brits have admitted to their most common holiday antics


Brits have admitted to their most common holiday anticsCredit: Getty

Wearing swimwear as underwear (26 per cent), chatting to strangers (23 per cent), and taking a complete break from technology (21 per cent) also made the list.

It also found nine in 10 (91 per cent) confess to have a ‘holiday alter-ego’, with 17 per cent claiming to have missed ‘holiday them’ during the pandemic.

With travel set to boom again in 2022, the research was commissioned by Walkers, Doritos and easyJet Holidays to celebrate a new partnership, offering Brits the chance to win a holiday every hour.

Katherine Cook, spokesperson for Walkers, said: “After years of travel restrictions, we know the nation has missed having the freedom to travel and make memories with friends and family on holiday, and in turn missed their happier and more carefree holiday alter-egos.

“Our study shows just how much Brits enjoy being their holiday self – letting all their worries and self-consciousness go when abroad.

“The list of holiday moments features lots of food and fashion-related scenarios which reflect how people become more carefree on their holidays, showing a positive behaviour change.

“So, what better way to celebrate the return of summer holidays than by reuniting our customers with their beloved holidays abroad?”

Dining out every day is the most common thing done by Brits


Dining out every day is the most common thing done by BritsCredit: SWNS

The study also found the good weather (43 per cent), anonymity (29 per cent) and increased confidence (17 per cent) experienced abroad cause people to act out of character.

Those aged 18-24 are most likely to have a holiday alter-ego, with 97 per cent of this age group claiming to act differently while abroad.

However, while this decreases slightly with each generation, even 89 per cent of those over 65 admit to having a ‘vacation version’ of themselves.

More than half of adults (53 per cent) prefer the holiday version of themselves – claiming they’re happier (57 per cent), carefree (52 per cent) and more fun (45 per cent) than their usual selves.

Among those with a ‘holiday alter-ego’, the shift in personality is most likely to come into play at the airport (33 per cent), while for some it emerges while they’re packing (17 per cent) or the moment their out of office goes on (17 per cent).

Alongside adopting holiday alter-egos, many also give their image an overhaul while abroad, with 20 per cent opting to ‘express’ themselves with bolder fashion choices.

When it comes to crimes against holiday fashion, men are the guiltier party, with a tenth claiming socks and sandals look good, versus four per cent of women.

A further 12 per cent favour a holiday bum bag, compared to seven per cent of women, while more than one in 20 men (six per cent) even go all out and don a mankini when abroad.

Other bold holiday fashion choices worn overseas include straw fedoras (17 per cent), kaftans (11 per cent) and Hawaiian shirts (11 per cent).

Additionally, despite a quarter (26 per cent) insisting on wearing swimwear in place of underwear while abroad, a third always take way more underwear than they need, packing an additional five pairs on average.

Fashion choices aside, newly sun-kissed skin proves a bonus for couples, with almost one in 10 (eight per cent) claiming to fancy their partner more with a tan.

And the same number (eight per cent) of those polled via OnePoll even claim to like the dreaded t-shirt tan – 12 per cent of men versus five per cent of women.

Most people admit to packing way too much underwear


Most people admit to packing way too much underwearCredit: SWNS


1.            Dining out everyday       

2.            Drinking alcohol at the airport   

3.            Not worrying about money                         

4.            Drinking alcohol before midday

5.            Staying up later than usual                          

6.            Having dessert everyday             

7.            Eating cheese and cold meats for breakfast         

8.            Wearing swimwear instead of underwear            

9.            “Stealing” the toiletries from the hotel

10.          Making ‘holiday friends’ with random people     

11.          Snacking more often

12.          Taking a daytime nap

13.          Chatting to strangers     

14.          Wandering around barefoot      

15.          Drinking elaborate cocktails

16.          Having more than one ice cream a day  

17.          Taking a break from technology

18.          Mixing multiple cuisines during one sitting at the hotel buffet (e.g. Chinese noodles with Spanish tapas) 

19.          Reading a book or listening to an audio book      

20.          Going to a restaurant, bar, or shop with just your swimwear on  

21.          Wearing bolder clothing than normal     

22.          Staying in bed later than usual   

23.          Wearing a bum bag or money belt

24.          Wearing hair ‘au naturel’             

25.          Letting the kids stay up later than usual 

26.          Going out without make-up on 

27.          Getting bad tan lines on purpose              

28.          Getting up extra early to reserve a sunbed          

29.          Getting a t-shirt tan                        

30.          Taking a swimwear selfie             

31.          Dancing in front of others in a bar, restaurant, or club     

32.          Getting up extra early to take part in activities like sunrise yoga or a morning hike             

33.          Staying up all night                         

34.          Letting the kids stay in bed later than usual         

35.          Eating crisps as a meal  

36.          Eating ice cream or dessert for breakfast              

37.          Getting a massage on the beach

38.          Going out without wearing a bra or top 

39.          Taking part in karaoke                  

40.          Having a holiday romance           

The study was conducted by Walkers, Doritos and easyJet Holidays


The study was conducted by Walkers, Doritos and easyJet HolidaysCredit: Alamy

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