Ex-hotel worker reveals why you should NEVER strip your bed sheets

Ex-hotel worker reveals why you should NEVER strip your bed sheets

SOME Brits may think they are being helpful when they strip the bed while staying at a hotel.

However, a hotel manager has revealed that this isn’t the case – and explains why you should never do it.


A hotel manager has explained why you shouldn’t strip your bed while staying at a hotel

Flavio Serreti, manager of Soprano Villas and Rome Lofts, said that doing this before housekeeping arrive can actually give them more work.

He told Insider: “On busy days, staff will simply plump pillows and reuse the same sheets, only changing the linens every three to four days.

“Stripping the bed every morning can add unnecessary minutes to the time-sensitive housekeeping staff duties.”

Lots of hotels don’t change the bedding every day, unless requested.

Guests can still call reception to ask for fresh sheets.

However, some staff have said that guests SHOULD strip the bed when checking out, as it makes their job much easier.

Previous cleaning staff have said: “Housekeeping loves it when you do that, it saves a lot of backbreaking effort.

“Try and leave it on a waist-high spot too, as they often try and grab it all at once to speed things up and it’s less dangerous for their back if it’s not on the floor.”

Lots of guests have said they always do this themselves.

One person said: “Anytime I stay at a hotel, I always strip the beds and pile the sheets and dirty towels together in the bathroom.”

Some explained how they had been taught to do this by their parents: “Every time we stayed at a hotel room growing up (which was a lot) my dad would bunch up all of the bedding and add it to the dirty linen pile.

“I never understood why until I was a house cleaner.”

And making the bed while leaving might make the room look tidy, but also makes their job harder.

A former housekeeper, who worked at a resort in Australia, told Business Insider: “If we think you haven’t used the bed at all, we may not change the sheet.

“So it’s better if it looks slept in.”

Stripping them when you leave is advised, however


Stripping them when you leave is advised, however
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