The Most Common Holiday Accidents – and How You Can Avoid Them

The Most Common Holiday Accidents – and How You Can Avoid Them

As the world begins to open up again and more of us are planning and jetting off on long-deserved holidays, it’s worth remembering to keep safety in mind.

No one wants to think that the worst will happen but safety and your health preserved means everyone can enjoy their break in the sun without worrying about finding the right medical care or managing the huge financial implications of an accident or medical emergency overseas. We’re sharing the most common holiday accidents and the importance of travel medical insurance.

Food Poisoning

Not something we class as an accident, but I’m sure we all know someone whose annual holiday was ruined with food poisoning. When left unchecked, the symptoms of food poisoning can worsen and become inherently serious, especially in the elderly, young children and those with underlying medical issues. In order to avoid food poisoning from ruining your holiday, remember to wash your hands frequently, only eat food from eateries with good reviews and if you choose to dine out on street food, always choose vendors who are adhering to good food hygiene practices, such as washing their hands after handling money and keeping their stations clean.

Slips, Trips and Falls

You wouldn’t be the first person to step off a plane, slip in the airport and then spend the rest of their break-in hospital with a broken leg. These kinds of accidents can happen anywhere and to anyone. Whether they slip by the pool and chip a tooth, or trip on a piece of carpet in a restaurant, investing in travel medical insurance will ensure that the cost of these accidents is covered and that you get the medical attention you need. It’s not always easy to prevent these accidents from happening, but remember to take it slow, be wary of warning signs and your alcohol consumption!

Road Accidents

The number of tourists who find themselves caught up in road traffic accidents is always on the rise. This can be due to lax seat belt laws, inexperience with scooters and quad bikes, or riding in unregistered or dangerous public transport. You could also be a pedestrian, and find yourself hit by a bike or car in an unfamiliar location. To prevent this from happening, make sure you conduct a little research about the local traffic laws, never hire a scooter or quad vehicle without a helmet and only use approved and fully registered means of transportation.


Whether you’re paddle-boarding, learning how to surf, paragliding or even scuba diving, accidents caused by poor equipment, poor training of staff or dangerous practices can leave many holidaymakers wishing they’d never tried something new. If you’re going to partake in new activities or sports, only spend your money with fully licensed, trained and experienced providers. Equipment should be of a high standard and full safety procedures should be explained to you.

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