Bon Jovi partied with Michael Jackson’s chimp Bubbles | Entertainment

Bon Jovi partied with Michael Jackson’s chimp Bubbles | Entertainment

Jon Bon Jovi once partied with Michael Jackson’s chimp Bubbles.

The rocker has revealed his band Bon Jovi once found themselves staying in the same hotel as the late King of Pop during a trip to Japan and they invited Jackson to join them in their room for a get together, but he sent his pet instead and Jon insists Bubbles “partied like a rock star”.

During an appearance on ‘Jimmy Kimmel Live!’, Jon explained: “We walked into his hotel room, which was all done up in mirrors so he could dance. They actually took a wall out between these rooms, because he was there for quite a while.

“His manager takes us in, fixes his hair, puts his cigar out, fixes his shirt before he enters the room — it was all very surreal. And Michael comes in with the bullet belts across his shirt, and my eyes sort of do that ‘wee-wah’ because, you know, it’s Michael Jackson and you’re in his hotel room!”

Jon went on: “We think we’re friends, and we say, ‘Come on down to our floor, and hang out, we’ve got the whole band here. Our girlfriends are all here’.

“Unfortunately he didn’t come, but he sends Bubbles the Chimp as his representative. That was big, right? Bubbles comes down and wreaks havoc. Bubbles partied like a rock star.”

He went on to claim that Bubbles – who lived with Jackson from the 1980s until the early 2000s – almost got them thrown out of the hotel. Jon added: “[He was] jumping on the bed, putting on a show, oh yeah. And I don’t remember who brought him down or if he just came down on his own with a cigar. Bubbles showed up, man. He hung hard …

[Bubbles was with us for what] seemed like a lifetime. Quite a while, to the point where hotel management came and threatened to throw us out. Oh yeah. We partied with Bubbles.”

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