Camila Mendes feels like a ‘festival pro’ ahead of Coachella | Entertainment

Camila Mendes feels like a ‘festival pro’ ahead of Coachella | Entertainment

Camila Mendes feels like a “festival pro”.

The 29-year-old star is set to attend the Coachella music festival, and Camila has revealed that she already has some firm plans in place.

The brunette beauty – who is best known for playing Veronica Lodge in the hit teen drama series ‘Riverdale’ – told PEOPLE: “I feel like a festival pro because I grew up in Miami, and music festivals are such a part of Miami culture.

“I started going to them when I was a teenager, and I just feel like I really have the whole system down pat. I know exactly what to pack and how to put the schedule together and also get time to go to the bathroom and get a bite.

“I’m so good at building this festival itinerary. I’m the leader of the group when we go.”

Camila will attend this year’s Coachella festival with a group of six friends, including her boyfriend Rudy Mancuso.

What’s more, the actress plans to reunite with Lili Reinhart – her ‘Riverdale’ co-star – over the weekend.

Looking forward to their reunion, Camila shared: “I’m excited to see her.

“I think one of my favorite Coachella memories was my first Coachella, which was with the cast of ‘Riverdale’. We all decided to go together. It was the first time we’d ever done anything like that, and it was just really exciting. We were young and doe-eyed.”

Meanwhile, Camila is also looking forward to seeing Lana Del Rey at Coachella.

The actress said: “She is someone I’ve never gotten to see live before and I love her music, so I’m really excited about that.

“There’s a ton of other smaller artists that I’ve heard a song here or two, and I’m excited to hear more and discover new artists. That’s one of my favorite parts about going to music festivals.”

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