Chris Hemsworth Filming ‘Extraction 2’

Chris Hemsworth Filming ‘Extraction 2’

Chris Hemsworth teased fans with a behind the scenes video of him filming Extraction 2 in Prague.

The Netflix original released last year and quickly became the biggest hit on the streaming platform at the time.

The action/thriller “was viewed on Netflix by an estimated 90 million households” according to The Hollywood Reporter.

The star posted to Instagram celebrating the first day of filming in a snowy video, adding;

“Two things are different from the last film. One: very very cold. Two: I’m alive. How? You’ll have to find out. Watch the movie. Stay tuned.”

In a caption he wrote: “Extraction 2!!! Tyler Rake lives!! How the f*** is that possible you may ask?! You’ll have to wait and see, stay tuned!!”

The film was originally supposed to be filmed in Australia, Sydney but has since moved to Prague due to Covid.

Fans wait in anticipation for the return of Tyler Rake.

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