Controversy over sitting in a chair, which Nipun said

The court has issued a stay on the post of general secretary of Bangladesh Film Artists Association. Therefore, no one will be able to hold this post till 13th February.

Meanwhile, the actress went to the office of the organization on Thursday. The heroine has put her nameplate in the office. He is also sitting in the chair of the general secretary. Earlier, Dhanmondi went to No. 32 and paid homage to the portrait of Bangabandhu with the newly elected committee.

Despite the court’s ban, Nipun is sitting in the chair of the general secretary. There has been a lot of criticism and debate since yesterday. His rival Zayed Khan has also complained. He told the media, ‘Have they gone beyond the law? What is the manifestation of this? Power? Nipun is doing these things by saying what power, ordinary people will understand if they think a little, they are doing this by force, just like Nipun has declared himself general secretary by bringing hundreds of outsiders and forming the so-called appeal board.

However, Nipun has responded to these debates. He said he had due respect for the court’s order. Nipun told the media, ‘These are false rumors being spread. My nameplate was created the day I swore. And today I did not fulfill any responsibility. I was there all day as a member of the association. I have given flowers to the portrait of Bangabandhu Not as a member of the committee.

Nipun added, ‘I respect the law. I am looking forward to the verdict that the court will give on 13th February There is no reason to stay in power by contempt of court.

It may be mentioned that the election of the Film Artists Association was held on January 26. As a result, Zayed Khan won the post of General Secretary. After that Nipun appealed expressing dissatisfaction with the result. Zayed also won the appeal. Nipun later accused Zayed of rigging the election. Bought votes with money.

On the basis of these allegations, the Ministry of Social Welfare has directed the Election Appeal Board to resolve the issue. After investigation, the allegations against Zaid were proved and his candidature was rejected by the Appellate Board. At the same time, Nipun was declared the uncontested winner.

However, Zayed did not accept the decision of the Appellate Board. He filed a writ petition in the court. Nipun also appealed against the writ. The hearing will be held on February 13 at the request of both the parties. Only then will it be known who is the new general secretary of the association.