Louis Vuitton Reveal Virgil Abloh’s Final Menswear Collection

Louis Vuitton Reveal Virgil Abloh’s Final Menswear Collection

Louis Vuitton have revealed the late Virgil Abloh’s final menswear collection he designed for the brand, their Pre-Fall 2022 collection.

Despite the rumours, LV have yet to name Abloh’s successor, they have revealed their pre-fall collection and in full Abloh style, it’s full of youth culture clashing with the historic luxury of Louis Vuitton.

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“Essential garments of a wardrobe, 7.0’d,” as Abloh described it. “[I want to] celebrate the idea of commercialism rather than deny it the way fashion tends to.”

Abloh had not been at Louis Vuitton for long, taking the reigns of creative director in 2018. Since then, LV has had a breath of fresh air breathed into it.

Abloh was one of the king’s of streetwear and with his genius, he married the two together to create something completely new.

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Michael Burke, Vuitton’s chairman and chief executive officer, told WWD earlier that the brand’s fall 2022 collection, to be shown next January during Paris Men’s Fashion Week, was already 95 percent complete by the time Abloh died.

The collection was as completely styled and photographed before Abloh before he passed away.

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The key theme of the collection is a continuation of “boyhood ideology” a phrase coined by Abloh during his first pre-collection.

“What makes menswear? Boys do. I believe that building blocks stacked upon each other through our lives form the narrative of what defines menswear,” he wrote in the press notes.

“My work today bears evidence of everything that happened to me in my past: how I was brought up, educated, and how I evolved.”

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Abloh’s commitment to “boyhood ideology” has resulted in a collection that combines traditional men’s streetwear aspects with new concepts to entice a new generation of luxury consumers.

Abloh has stuck to traditional loose fitting lines, as well as combining masculine and feminine features of clothing by including wrap skirts in the collection.

The bee hats and veils with graffiti graphics were designed by the Milan-based tattoo artist Ghusto Leon.

The collection embraces commercialism with it’s destroyed monophgrahs which were once seen as tacky, whilst still being effortlessly cool.

You can see the full collection here.

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