Michael Jackson biopic: First look starring Jaafar Jackson released at CinemaCon

Michael Jackson biopic: First look starring Jaafar Jackson released at CinemaCon

The first glimpse of Michael Jackson’s biopic titled Michael was shown to the attendees at CinemaCon 2024 in Las Vegas. The movie that will take the audience back to the king-size yet complicated life of Jackson will be released in the theatres on April 18, 2025.

Starring Michael’s nephew Jaafar Jackson, the film’s first look was released during Lionsgate’s presentation on Wednesday (April 10).

The trailer started with the crowd cheering before showing Jackson’s dazzling performance on some of the hits like “Man in the Mirror” and “Thriller.” 

Jaafar dons the iconic hat of his uncle as he recreates some of his electric moves in the trailer that has not been released to the public yet. Further, the footage also shows in a limousine as the paparazzi tries to capture him.  

As per Variety, the movie will feature over 30 songs and recreate several performances of the Jackson 5 on their classic rendition of “ABC” on “American Bandstand.”

The short clip also gave a glimpse of the pop star’s mother Katherine (played by Nia Long), telling the late pop star that he has a ”a very special light’ and to ‘make that light shine onto the world.”

“There might be some people who think you’re different, and that’s gonna make life a little harder for you,” Katherine says in the trailer. 

“But you never were like anyone else. Michael, you have a very special light. So make that light shine onto the world,” she adds. 

Further, Michael says in the trailer, “When I’m not onstage everything feels foreign to me.”

The movie will also take a look at Michael’s complicated life and the multiple child sexual abuse allegations that he has faced in his lifetime. He died in 2009 from a drug overdose.

During the special premiere, producer Graham King said he was ‘looking forward to giving to the audience a thrill like they’ve never seen before.’ 

He further noted that ”he’s been preparing for the movie for seven years, interviewing hundreds of people and carefully considering how to condense his complex life and legacy.”

Apart from Jackson’s real nephew, Jaafar Jackon, the movie stars Juliano Krue Valdi, 9, as the younger Michael. Colman Domingo will play the role of Michael’s father Joe Jackson with Nia Long as his mother Katherine Jackson.

Michael’s four brothers have also been cast in the film. Jamal R. Henderson will portray the role of Jermaine Jackson, while Jayden Harville will play the young version. Tre Horton will play Marlon Jackson, and Jaylen Lyndon Hunter will be the younger version of Marlon.

Miles Teller will be playing the role of Jackson’s former manager lawyer John Branca.


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