OJ Simpson and Kardashians relationship explained: How were they related?

OJ Simpson and Kardashians relationship explained: How were they related?

A fallen football star turned Hollywood actor, OJ Simpson succumbed to prostate cancer on April 10 but beyond this description, the star was known for his proximity to the now extremely famous Kardashian family (which were not such a huge deal back then). 

OJ Simpson found himself embroiled in a high-profile trial for a double murder that included a televised car chase and what not. Back then, Robert Kardashian, a close friend and lawyer to Simpson, became a central figure in the trial and brought national attention to his family which were just experimenting with ideas to burst into fame. 

The high-profile case thrust Kim Kardashian, who was still a teenager, into instant fame with cameras following the Kardashian family. Kim witnessed firsthand the impact of fame and media attention. 

How was Robert Kardashian related to OJ Simpson?

By profession, Robert Kardashian was a prominent defence attorney who represented O.J. Simpson. He married Kris Jenner in 1978. The couple had four children together – Kourtney, Kim, Khloé, and Robert Kardashian Jr. 

It all got murky when in June 1994, OJ Simpson became embroiled in a double murder charge for the deaths of his ex-wife Nicole Brown Simpson and her friend Ron Goldman. Ofcourse this led to factions since Robert Kardashian became close to OJ Simpson and Robert’s wife Kris sided with Nicole. This created a massive rift between Kris and Robert, who were already divorced at the time but remained in touch as good friends.

As the trial progressed, Robert Kardashian was brought into the limelight and faced public backlash. Kris Jenner later revealed that the Simpson trial was a major influence on Kim. Kim at the time was still preparing to step into the professional world and make her own. 

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