Pete Davidson Takes Over Calvin Klein

Pete Davidson Takes Over Calvin Klein

Many fashion fans were shocked yesterday when Calvin Klein’s Instagram posted a photo of Pete Davidson, with just the caption “I got Instagram.”

Davidson also swapped out the display photo and changed the bio to “it’s Pete here.”

Davidson also hopped on Instagram live with friend Machine Gun Kelly.

The duo performed a mock photoshoot, in which they showcased their “mad good poses” and spoke about “fluffing up the boys” and “showing off the goods”.

“Hope everyone’s horny at home,” Davidson and Kelly joked to the camera, “it’s called BDE, which is insanely embarrassing but it is true.”

Calvin Klein now only follows Machine Gun Kelly on Instagram, but has not commented on its next steps, suggesting there is perhaps more memey satire to come.

Since the departure of creative director Raf Simmons, Calvin Klein have taken a very different direction. They have decided to tap into the hottest social currency, humour, as their latest marketing strategy.

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