Record Breaking Streamer Ludwig Moves To YouTube

Record Breaking Streamer Ludwig Moves To YouTube

Variety streamer Ludwig Ahgren is officially leaving Twitch for YouTube.

One of the biggest names on the Amazon-owned website Twitch, Ludwig boasted over 3.1 million followers and holds the record for the most subscribers on the entire platform.

Ludwig’s departure marks the latest in a recent exodus from Twitch. Other significant content creators who have made the leap to YouTube include Valkyrae, TimtheTatman and DrLupo.

Announcing the switch in a short video, Ludwig exited a car painted Twitch-purple shortly before it exploded. Crossing the parking lot, he instead enters a YouTube-red vehicle, stating that it’s “just a different colour”.

He makes a final dig at Twitch’s controversial DMCA guidelines as he drives away, pointing out that he won’t get in trouble for playing music in his new car.

Explaining the move in a video titled Why I Left Twitch, Ludwig explained that YouTube made him feel wanted. “I’ve never felt particularly loved by Twitch,” he said. “I love Twitch, but it hasn’t been a two-way street.”

Ludwig’s first official YouTube stream took place yesterday.

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