Christmas Sweater Garland DIY (With Free Printable!)

Christmas Sweater Garland DIY (With Free Printable!)

When it comes to holiday decor, I do love finding special little pieces to add to my collection each year in stores, but I also love adding in homemade decor touches to make the season feel special and personal.

I love a good holiday project that is really cute and pretty fast to complete (leaves more time for eating cookies and watching movies, right?!), so this “ugly” Christmas sweater garland is the perfect thing to whip up for your home.

For this home holiday project, we are partnering with Canon USA! We love being able to print high-quality photos and printables at home, and Canon makes it easy to create endless options to add to your holiday decor.

Paper Christmas sweaters strung on a twine string from a shelf with Christmas decor around it

One reason I love garlands is because they are something you can hang just about anywhere, they don’t take up a lot of space to store, and they are great for renters and homeowners (as they can be easily tied to or draped over items or hung with removable strips like these).

If you love holiday garland DIYs, try these!


Use your printer to print the size of your choosing (I did the 5″ wide sweaters) and make sure to print multiple sheets if you want a longer garland.

Paper Christmas sweaters about to be cut out with scissors

Use your scissors to cut out your sweaters (you can totally do this while you watch a Christmas movie or listen to holiday records!).

Paper Christmas sweaters punched with a hole punch at the top

Use a hole punch to punch two holes at the marked locations at the top of the sweater.

String your yarn/twine through the sweater holes. If the twine keeps unraveling, you can take a piece of scotch tape and wrap it around the end like the end of a shoelace to keep it together.

Add all your sweaters onto your twine/yarn and space them out evenly. Now you’re ready to hang!

Love a free printable? Check out our holiday napkin DIY!

Paper Christmas sweaters strung on a garland with Christmas tree shelf decorPaper Christmas sweaters strung on a garland with Christmas tree shelf decorPaper Christmas sweaters strung on a garland with Christmas tree shelf decor

This garland is so fun and whimsical. I love that you can also customize it by printing different sizes, putting them in whatever order you want, just printing certain colors for your color theme, or adding other fun things like yarn tassels or little bells to the garland for something extra fun.

Making Christmas decorations at home is one of my favorite things and this would also be a great craft to do with kiddos old enough to use scissors (kids love to hole punch and string items on strings as well!).

Hope this little craft adds some holiday magic to your home this season! xo. Laura

Credits // Author and Photography: Laura Gummerman. Graphic Design: Mara Dawn.

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