Biden-Putin strategies to avoid war

Biden-Putin strategies to avoid war

When there is a crisis between the two countries, there is a threat of war, then there are various activities going on behind the scenes. We are now seeing a variety of such activities centered around Ukraine. The United States and its Western allies have accused Russian President Vladimir Putin of invading Ukraine at any time. And for this he has deployed millions of troops at the border. Russia has denied the allegations in a statement issued Friday stating “Similar, baseless allegations concerning Russia’s intelligence have been made more than once. Moscow does not want to invade Ukraine.

Westerners are not sitting. The United States and its allies are on Ukraine’s side to respond to Russia. The Western military alliance NATO has deployed troops in Poland and Belarus to help Ukraine, an “ally”. All in all, there is a lot of tension in world politics around Ukraine. Ukrainians are living in fear that a war could break out at any time. At the same time, the United States and Russia are fighting over each other’s words, threats and intimidation.

All this is happening in front of the screen. Both sides want to keep the field warm through the deployment of army and threats. But a war gives birth to thousands of economic-political-humanitarian crises, Washington-Kiev-Moscow — everyone knows, European countries know. If war breaks out in Ukraine, thousands of refugees will migrate to the more developed countries of Western Europe. Europe will not be able to cope with the pressure of a fragile economy during the Corona epidemic. So no matter what you say, European leaders will not want war now.

That is why efforts are being made behind the scenes to find a way to resolve the crisis through diplomatic means. French President Emmanuel Macho and British Prime Minister Boris Johnson were present in Moscow and Kiev. German Chancellor Olaf Schultz has arrived at the White House. The meeting between Ukraine and Russia is held in Berlin. Ukrainians do not want war. Thousands of people took to the streets of Kiev on Saturday to protest. The placards in their hands read, “War is not the only solution.”

Putin and Joe Biden spoke on the phone the same day to find a way to resolve the crisis. The two world leaders also agreed to take diplomatic steps. Biden warned Putin that an attack could lead to an “extreme humanitarian crisis” in Ukraine. However, no matter what the situation, many people think that there is no way to avoid war without discussion in front of the concerned parties.

A report on the situation in Ukraine was published in the BBC on 11 February. In a report titled ‘Ukraine Tensions Can Diplomacy Prevent War’, the media’s diplomatic correspondent James Landale identified five ways to resolve the ongoing crisis peacefully.

Put pressure on Putin
Putin could be pressured by Western nations to withdraw troops from the border. If Putin takes such an initiative in the face of pressure, it will be possible to avoid war. Strategies to apply pressure can include diplomatic negotiations, intimidation of various crises, diplomatic pressure, economic sanctions, etc.

In the last phone call, Biden walked that path. He told Putin that an attack on Ukraine could jeopardize Putin and Russia’s acceptance in the international arena. In addition, Putin’s belligerent attitude has effectively helped Washington draw closer to its European allies. Countries like Sweden and Finland want to join NATO due to insecurity. No one would be surprised if Ukraine became a member state from an ally of the military alliance overnight. Under former President Donald Trump, European allies distanced themselves from the United States. The Ukraine crisis has given Biden an opportunity to draw on them. Putin must have realized that.