He has not been positive for 400 days

He has not been positive for 400 days

Two years have passed since the Corona epidemic began. Many people have died in the world after being infected with the virus for a long time. At this time, millions of people have recovered from being infected with the virus. But after being infected with the deadly virus, a man from Turkey tested positive for six times. Due to this he spent about 14 months in prison and at home. News Daily Sabah.

Muzaffar Kayasan, 58, who has been suffering from corona for a long time, is a leukemia patient. In November 2020, he contracted corona for the first time. The virus did not bother him much in the first phase. He returned home after a short stay in the hospital. Muzaffar went for voluntary isolation at his home in Istanbul’s Sar Yar district to fully recover. This was the beginning of his house arrest.

Corona patients usually do not have to stay in isolation if the test results are negative after two weeks. But after so many weeks, the next test did not have the negative result of Muzaffar’s Kayasan. He tested 6 times in all but every time the result is positive. He was forced to stay under house arrest in hospital and at home for 14 months. He was in hospital for 9 months and at home for 5 months.

Annoyed by this situation, Muzaffar appealed to the local authorities to release him from captivity. Life under house arrest somehow separated him from his family. He had to be content to see his children and grandchildren through the windows of the house.

A local news agency published an interview with Muzaffar on Friday. In an interview, Muzaffar said that he did not get any negative results for a long time and he wanted to know the solution from the doctors. Doctors then told him that he was getting positive every time his body’s immune system was broken down due to leukemia. Muzaffar also said that he started taking some drugs to increase his immunity on the advice of a doctor. And that’s how he survived. “It’s very difficult to survive,” he said.

At first, Muzaffar’s wife was also attacked by Corona. After a certain period of time, his negative result came in the two-point test. At that time, apart from his wife, one of his sons died. Later in the test he also got negative result. But Muzaffar got stuck.

Muzaffar said: “At first I thought I was carrying the virus myself. At that time no one was with me except them (wife and children). I thought the virus got to me more than them. ‘ “I was in such a state of mind that even if a cat walked by the window I thought it might attack me,” he joked.

Muzaffar Kayasan’s life is still stuck in four walls as he is not well. He was talking about that sadness, ‘I have no problem at the moment except the pain of not being with my loved ones. It is very difficult. I can’t even get vaccinated for my current condition. ‘

Irfan Kudusov is 53 years old. Lives in Kiev, the capital of Ukraine. He runs a restaurant there. Irfan is a member of the Tatar Muslim minority in the Crimean peninsula in southern Ukraine. The Tatar Muslim population of Turkish descent has long been exiled from Crimea due to the anger of the former Soviet government. At the age of 20, Irfan, like many other Tatars from Central Asia, returned to Crimea.

Recalling that day, Irfan said, ‘It was a happy day. When the elderly landed in Crimea from the plane, they kissed the ground. We were all crying for the joy of returning to our motherland. ‘

However, the situation changed in 2014, when Russia occupied the Crimean peninsula. About 10,000 Tatar Muslims, including Irfan, had to leave their homeland again. Irfan has been living in Kiev ever since. More than 100,000 Russian troops have now gathered on the Ukrainian border. Western nations, including the United States, have warned that Russia could launch a military strike on Russia at any time. If war breaks out, it will not be limited to Russia and Ukraine. The West will inevitably get involved. So the Tatar people are at new risk for their own safety, fearing Russian intervention in Ukraine.