Mostafiz got the team even though he did not get Shakib

Mostafiz got the team even though he did not get Shakib

Bangladesh cricket fans were disappointed at noon. Shakib Al Hasan, the regular face of Bangladesh in IPL, has remained unsold. However, the frustration of the afternoon has created an opportunity to reduce the evening.

After seeing the name of Mostafizur Rahman in the category of pacers in the auction, everyone sat motionless. But even though the names of one pacer after another were mentioned, the name of Mostafiz was not mentioned anymore. The 27-year-old left-arm pacer was named last. Probably because the name came up at the end of it all, there was no quarrel with him anymore. Delhi Capital got Mostafiz in the team for a base price of Rs 2 crore.

Mostafiz is going to get a taste of playing in the fourth team in IPL. Earlier, Sunrisers played for Hyderabad, Mumbai Indians and Rajasthan Royals.

Before Mostafiz, there was no other cricketer in the list of fast bowlers except Umesh Yadav of India. It would be a mistake to say that not only has it remained unsold, but almost everyone has had a hard time with it.

In the beginning, the price of famous Krishna has gone up to 10 crores. India’s pacer Shardul Tagore’s price rose to 10 crore 75 lakhs. Lucky Ferguson’s price also skyrocketed to 10 crores. The price of Mark Wood has risen to 6 crore. The price of Josh Hazlewood has also gone up by around Rs 6 crore.

Mostafiz’s name came up at the end of all. Delhi Capitals are the first to bid for him. The camera was then aimed at Kumar Sangakkara. Whether Mostafiz played under Sangakkara in Rajasthan Royals last season!

But no bid was made from Rajasthan side. No other party bid. In the end, Delhi got Mostafiz at a base price of Rs 2 crore.

Mostafiz has also played for Mumbai Indians and Rajasthan in his IPL career which started in 2016 for Hyderabad Sunrisers. In all, he has taken 36 wickets in 36 matches. Mostafiz, who took 18 wickets in 18 matches on his way to the title for Hyderabad in the first season, did not shine like that in the next two seasons but took 14 wickets in 14 matches last season.

The form was in his favor, Mostafiz has shown more consistency in the IPL than Shakib last season. On the other hand, there is a lot of fighting going on with the pacers in the IPL this time. Added to that is the possibility of getting him throughout the IPL.

As Mostafiz is not a regular in Bangladesh’s Test squad, he is more likely to be included in the IPL during Bangladesh’s tour of South Africa in March and the home Test series against Sri Lanka in May. All in all, the chances of getting Mostafiz’s team were high.

However, Mostafiz’s luck is bad, his name has risen after all in the category of fast bowlers. When the name of a player appears in the auction in front of the hammer of the auction operator, it also becomes a big issue. Naturally, the number of teams interested in Mostafiz decreases after the rest of the team has been included in the fast bowlers’ category. That is why there was no quarrel in the auction with Mostafiz. Delhi got him by bidding first.