Thousands strike in Kiev against Russia

Thousands strike in Kiev against Russia

Thousands take to the streets in the Ukrainian capital, Kiev, amid rising tensions over possible Russian military aggression. Thousands of protesters marched on the streets carrying national flags on Saturday, ignoring the severe winter. At this time they sang the national anthem of Ukraine. Carries anti-war banners and placards. Gave slogans against Russia. News Reuters and Al-Jazeera.

Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky called on his countrymen to unite in the face of the threat of Russian aggression. In response to his call, Ukrainians took to the streets yesterday morning to demonstrate national unity against possible aggression. “I want peace,” said Maria Shecharbanko, a student on the streets of Kiev. I love Ukraine. There is no point in panicking in this situation. We must unite and continue to fight for independence.

Protesters in Kiev’s Central Avenue marched with banners and placards reading “War is not the only answer”, “Russia is racist”. Nazar Novoselski joined the protest with his two young children. “We are not afraid,” he said. And I have come to today’s procession to give this message. ‘

Natalia Savostikova took part in the protest procession with anti-war placards. The 6-year-old doctor told Al Jazeera: “Ukrainians are going through a very difficult time. But Putin can’t say what we will do. ”

In March 2014, Russian troops took control of Crimea, part of Ukraine. Since then, Ukraine’s military has been battling Moscow-backed separatists. At least 14,000 people lost their lives in this battle. Now there is a possibility of a Russian military operation all over Ukraine. The United States and Western nations say Russia has deployed hundreds of thousands of troops along Ukraine’s border. The country could launch a military operation in Ukraine at any time. In retaliation, the Western military alliance, NATO, has mobilized troops in Eastern Europe.

Russia, however, has always denied the allegations. The country says Moscow has no plans to attack Ukraine. Army rallies have been held as part of the exercise. However, the West is reluctant to accept Moscow’s demand. Washington said on Friday that Russia had deployed enough troops along the Ukrainian border to carry out large-scale military operations at any time. Its citizens have been asked to leave Ukraine within 48 hours for fear of a possible Russian military operation.

US President Joe Biden spoke on the phone with Russian President Vladimir Putin yesterday amid ongoing tensions over possible Russian military aggression in Ukraine. At the time, Biden warned Putin that military aggression could lead to a major humanitarian crisis in Ukraine. Because of this, Russia’s acceptance will be questioned. The United States and its allies will respond swiftly to the attack. Russia will have to pay a high price for this.

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Yuri Ushakov, Russia’s senior foreign policy adviser, said in response to a phone call from Putin and Biden that “the United States has reached an all-time high against Russia. Surprisingly, the United States is telling the media when Russia could launch an attack on Ukraine. We don’t really know where the US administration officials got such false information.

Ushakov added that the phone conversation between Putin and Biden was quite balanced. The two leaders agreed to continue communication at all levels in this crisis.