Vaccination will end the epidemic this year: World Health Organization

Vaccination will end the epidemic this year: World Health Organization

The head of the World Health Organization, Tedros Adhanom Gebreasus, said the Corona epidemic would end this year. But in that case, 80 percent of the world’s people need to be vaccinated. He made the remarks while talking to reporters in South Africa on Friday.

According to Al Jazeera, Gebreasus said that 80 percent of these people should be vaccinated between June and July.

The head of the World Health Organization has emphasized on this vaccination program. “If the vaccination target of 80 per cent of the population can be achieved, then this epidemic will really go away and that is what we are expecting,” he said. And this vaccination program is in our hands. It’s not just a matter of taking chances. It is up to us to decide whether we will achieve the goals of this immunization program.

An organization called African Biologics and Vaccines is developing RNA vaccines using the modern genetics of the US vaccine manufacturer. He visited this institution. “The price of this vaccine will be lower and we expect it to be better despite some limitations,” he said.

Meanwhile, the African-made vaccine will be ready for final testing next November. The vaccine is expected to be approved in 2024. The African is one of the organizations working to develop the vaccine with the help of the World Health Organization and the global vaccine provider Kovacs. He called on the African Drug Administration to help the organization.

Two years have passed since the Corona epidemic began. Many people have died in the world after being infected with the virus for a long time. At this time, millions of people have recovered from being infected with the virus. But after being infected with the deadly virus, a man from Turkey tested positive for six times. Due to this he spent about 14 months in prison and at home. News Daily Sabah.

Muzaffar Kayasan, 58, who has been suffering from corona for a long time, is a leukemia patient. In November 2020, he contracted corona for the first time. The virus did not bother him much in the first phase. He returned home after a short stay in the hospital. Muzaffar went for voluntary isolation at his home in Istanbul’s Sar Yar district to fully recover. This was the beginning of his house arrest.

Corona patients usually do not have to stay in isolation if the test results are negative after two weeks. But after so many weeks, the next test did not have the negative result of Muzaffar’s Kayasan. He tested 6 times in all but every time the result is positive. He was forced to stay under house arrest in hospital and at home for 14 months. He was in hospital for 9 months and at home for 5 months.

Annoyed by this situation, Muzaffar appealed to the local authorities to release him from captivity. Life under house arrest somehow separated him from his family. He had to be content to see his children and grandchildren through the windows of the house.

A local news agency published an interview with Muzaffar on Friday. In an interview, Muzaffar said that he did not get any negative results for a long time and he wanted to know the solution from the doctors. Doctors then told him that he was getting positive every time his body’s immune system was broken down due to leukemia. Muzaffar also said that he started taking some drugs to increase his immunity on the advice of a doctor. And that’s how he survived. “It’s very difficult to survive,” he said.

At first, Muzaffar’s wife was also attacked by Corona. After a certain period of time, his negative result came in the two-point test. At that time, apart from his wife, one of his sons died. Later in the test he also got negative result. But Muzaffar got stuck.

Muzaffar said: “At first I thought I was carrying the virus myself. At that time no one was with me except them (wife and children). I thought the virus got to me more than them. ‘ “I was in such a state of mind that even if a cat walked by the window I thought it might attack me,” he joked.