Ali (Akbar) Alexander Whines He Can’t Cash In On Insurrection

Ali (Akbar) Alexander Whines He Can’t Cash In On Insurrection

Convicted felon Ali Alexander (and Sammy Davis Jr. lookalike) is trying to erase his long history of inciting “Stop the Steal” violence by blaming media and troll “disinformation” for getting banned from various internet platforms.

Alexander played the victim on OAN Monday:

ALEXANDER: Kicked off Twitter, kicked off Facebook, kicked off Paypal. … This was, you know, Twitter trolls, Twitter trolls. They weaponized the media through disinformation against me. And because of that, I’ve lost, basically, my livelihood. I had to leave my home because of antifa death threats and now I’m being investigated by the [January 6] select committee that says, “You refused to denounce this. You supported the violence. Look where you said ‘1776’ here.” And now I’m, I’m, I’m basically on trial for supporting America’s founding.

It’s pretty impressive how much dishonesty Alexander packed into those 32 seconds, even for a guy who pled guilty to two felonies under his old, less MAGA-friendly name, “Ali Abdul Razaq Akbar.”

First of all, trolls don’t ban people from social media platforms, the platforms do. Second, Alexander did not “say” the words 1776 as a patriotic reference to the founding of the country. He used it to repeatedly suggest a violent response to the election. For example, on December 30, he tweeted that if Congress certified the election, “everyone can guess what me and 500,000 others will do to that building,” and that “1776 is *always* an option.”

Also, Alexander – who has boasted about being one of the organizers of the “Stop the Steal” rally and claimed to have worked with GOP Congressmen Gosar, Biggs and Brooks in planning it – almost certainly left home to avoid the law not antifa. Last week, after an eight-hour, closed-door deposition for the January 6th committee, Alexander was served, after four previously unsuccessful attempts, with a January 6-related civil lawsuit filed by Capitol Hill police officers in August.

Jan 6th organizer Ali Alexander was just served with a civil lawsuit.

— Zachary Petrizzo (@ZTPetrizzo) December 9, 2021

It’s also worth pointing out that in January, Alexander claimed in a fundraising pitch that “Witches and wiccans are putting hexes and curses on us,” according to The Daily Beast.

In other words, Alexander is trying to blame other people and even the supernatural for trouble he made for himself, by himself.

Twitter has some enjoyable, real-world thoughts:

— THEE Edgeoforever 🖖 🐝 (@edgeoforever) December 14, 2021


— Naked Zebra 🦓 🌈🌊 (@ZebraNaked) December 13, 2021

Livelihood? He still has his Vegas act, and I hear he will be cast in the upcoming sequel “Oceans 20”.

— Frank Frank (@Wildwilly1000) December 13, 2021

Sure you did ali abdul razaq akbar

— Steven 🇺🇸 (@DaNgerSteVe7) December 13, 2021

Not many things more damning for Alexander than his own words, speaking to a large rally of Trump supporters that he organized on January 5th.

— Paul Morrison (@chessclubgringo) December 13, 2021

Here’s Alexander making the point of how closely he worked with Congressmen:
Paul Gosar (R-AZ)
Andy Biggs (R-AZ)
& Mo Brooks (R-AL)
to plan and organize the events that were used to draw Trump supporters to DC on Jan 6th.

— Paul Morrison (@chessclubgringo) December 13, 2021

— 𝔹𝕣𝕚𝕒𝕟 ℝ𝕖𝕤𝕚𝕤𝕥𝕤 🇺🇲 😷💉 (@LocolopezNYC) December 13, 2021

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