Anti-vax Nut: Vaccines Are Plot To Turn Us Into Transhumanoids

Anti-vax Nut: Vaccines Are Plot To Turn Us Into Transhumanoids

Dr. Tenpenny is a Christianist whack job who made her name being Mike Lindell’s go-to anti-vax gal.

She’s also the one who claimed in a hearing that Covid vaccines magnetize people.

Now Tenpenny, who knows nothing of virology, is taking it further by screaming that if you get the vaccine, which is supposedly made up of nanoparticles, it will turn you into a transhumanist cyborg manipulated externally through 5G and magnets.

It’s hard to keep up with the ever-morphing insanity throughout right-wing evangelical programming.

Tenpenny discussed being on a panel with none other than Wisconsin’s Ron Johnson, and called Ohio attorney Tom Renz a close personal friend.

“Renz, who became a licensed attorney only months before the pandemic began, has rapidly gained prominence among covid-19 skeptics for leading federal lawsuits in six states that challenge shutdowns, mask mandates and the safety of vaccines while alleging that the danger of the virus has been overblown.”

All the nuts stick together. Johnson is a sitting US Senator. Wake up, Wisconsin!

Renz is representing Tenpenny against Ohio’s medical board.

“Who also wanted me to have a psychiatric evaluation when I testified in front of the House committee here in Ohio,” Tenpenny whined.

I wonder why?

“What’s inside of the shot is quantum technology, quantum entanglement…”

Einstein, she is not.

“The whole purpose, the endgame of all of this, the endgame is injecting this modification technology and all of the nanoparticles stuff to turn us into transhumans,” she croaked.

“All these people that are doing this are rabid transhumanists, and they want us to be either chronically sick or dead, or the ones that are left will be transhumans that will be able to be hooked up through to quantum entanglement…”

It appears that she is trying to recreate the movie The Matrix, and link it to vaccines, artificial intelligence, and Google credit scores. She calls it the “dematrix.”

Are you keeping up?

She continued, “Their intent is to give each one of us our individual IP address, that we will be a node, and an avatar with a replication of us to eliminate God from our lives, take God out of our genes and we’ll be controlled externally by them.”

At first, I thought when she said transhumans she was bashing the LGBTQ community, thankfully I was wrong.

What does it say to evangelical programming that promotes these ludicrous ideas? It’s no wonder they support Traitor Trump.

Here’s more.

Sherri Tenpenny, one of the right’s leading anti-vaccine “experts,” claims that COVID vaccines are creating “quantum entanglement” between those who take them and “the Google credit scores and the dematrix and all of those things.”

— Right Wing Watch (@RightWingWatch) January 27, 2022

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