Bartiromo And Trump Spew Conspiracy Theories About Biden

Bartiromo And Trump Spew Conspiracy Theories About Biden

Former President Donald Trump and Fox News host Maria Bartiromo discussed whether President Joe Biden is secretly being “directed” by someone else.

During a Fox News interview that aired on Sunday, Bartiromo asked Trump if the 2024 presidential race would be a rematch between himself and Hillary Clinton.

“I have no idea. I hope so,” Trump replied. “I mean, I’d like that. But, look, the woman is crooked as can be. She cheated on the election. They spied on my campaign.”

“All these things that happened and we caught them now,” he added. “Let’s see what happens to Hunter [Biden]. Let’s see what happens to all of them.”

Bartiromo noted that Biden had recently referred to Vice President Kamala Harris as “president.”

“Do you think someone else is directing him?” the Fox News host wondered.

“Well, I never called Mike Pence ‘president,'” Trump replied. “I’ll tell you, I can’t imagine what’s going on.”

“Who is running the country?” Bartiromo pressed.

Trump then told a story about how Biden changed his tone from one day to the next.

“That really means, in the truest sense, that he is not running the country,” the former president concluded.

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