BOGO: Koch Industries Buys An AZ Senate Candidate's…Company

BOGO: Koch Industries Buys An AZ Senate Candidate's…Company

It’s subtle, not direct, but still obvious. Koch Industries acquired Senate hopeful Jim Lamon’s company, making him cash-rich just in time to finance a challenge to Senator Mark Kelly.

Republican Jim Lamon was the founder and owner of DEPCOM Power, a solar power company headquartered in Arizona.

Lamon’s company was acquired by a division of Koch Industries, just in time to give Lamon a huge cash infusion with which to challenge Mark Kelly, who is running for re-election in 2022.

Lamon isn’t shy about it, either:

He’s also another voter fraud conspiracy nut, according to Axios: “Days before the first Republican candidate jumped into next year’s Arizona Senate race, [Lamon] poured millions into an ostensibly nonpartisan voter registration operation affiliated with prominent election fraud conspiracy theorists.”

The organization is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit which can accept tax-deductible contributions. Lamon gave $2 million just ahead of his candidacy launch, giving him a fat tax deduction and a boost with voter registration. Until that donation, Look Ahead America, an organization claiming as its mission the registration of “conservative voters” couldn’t even be bothered to file their required disclosures on time, causing their tax exemption to be revoked. Magically, they cured all of the filings they missed just ahead of Lamon’s giant contribution.

Now he plans to spend millions and millions to convey the Koch/Birch message against Senator Mark Kelly, including many accusations that Kelly is a “communist” and that only wingnuts can protect Arizona from imminent doom and destruction.

This is how Koch rolls. They won’t have to say they funded Lamon, because they just bought his company for cash outright. Problem solved!

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