CARTOON: A Very Manchin Christmas

CARTOON: A Very Manchin Christmas

There is a huge wrench in the works of President Joe Biden’s signature domestic policy agenda and his name is Joe.

Senator Joe Manchin is blocking “Build Back Better” legislation in the name of being a really smart fiscal conservative just looking out for his West Virginia constituents. Surely the fact that he made his fortune and continues to make around $500,000 a year from the coal industry has nothing to do with his opposition to the climate change measures in the bill, right?

And for some reason a guy who has a houseboat/yacht and drives a Maserati does not seem overly concerned with dramatically reducing child poverty. Don’t get me wrong, there is nothing the matter with being rich — the real outrage is being the guy who is “negotiating” this landmark bill while being the top recipient of campaign cash from coal mining, oil and natural gas . . . then saying you’re really just worried about spending and inflation.

Here’s hoping Manchin gets some coal in his Christmas stocking this year (although unfortunately he’d just turn around and sell it).

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