Carville Urges Dems To Slam Gaetz & Co. Every Time They Speak

Carville Urges Dems To Slam Gaetz & Co. Every Time They Speak

James Carville appeared on Brian Williams’ final episode last night and railed against “white trash” Republicans, claiming he had the equivalent of a “PhD in white trashology.” Via Raw Story:

“Matt Gaetz will probably be in a penitentiary by the time the election comes around,” he said, citing the ongoing federal investigation into whether Gaetz had sex with a minor and trafficked her across state lines. “There’s a good chance he will be.”

[…] “They gotta hit hard,” he said. “Any time that Jim Jordan opens his mouth, they should go into the well of the House and read all of the Ohio state athletes that said he knew that they were being molested by the wrestling coach. When Lauren Boebert opens her mouth, somebody should go to the well and read a story out of the New York Post – which is owned by Rupert Murdoch – by a journalist who’s named Jonathan Levine talking about how Lauren Boebert and her husband met and read that into the congressional record. We’ve got to stop this and call these people out for who they are. We gotta stop this namby-pamby, somebody-take-committees-away, and just call these people out for who they are.”

“I have the equivalent of a PhD in white trash-ology, and Marjorie Taylor Greene and Lauren Boebert … they could be the subject of a dissertation. And we’ve got to call these people out and hold them accountable.”

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