CNN Host Mocks Fox: Christmas Tree Fire Bigger Than Attack On US Capitol

CNN Host Mocks Fox: Christmas Tree Fire Bigger Than Attack On US Capitol

We’re entering Day 2 of public mourning on Fox News over the Great Christmas Tree Fire / Terrorist Attack on All that Is Holy.

For 48 hours, Fox News hosts been crying like children over their fake Christmas tree set on fire by 49-year-old homeless man Craig Tamanaha, whose family said is a “nut.”.

But that didn’t stop Fox News from calling it a hate crime.

From Ainsley Earhardt to Tucker, and Hannity to the GOP, you’d have thought somebody assassinated the Pope and their Fox studios were under siege by angry Biden supporters.

Steve Doocy on Fox and Friends said he was afraid to go to work and CNN’s Brianna Keilar concurred that it’s very uncomfortable if you don’t feel safe.

After playing a video montage of Fox News hosts turning their Christmas tree fire into “the new Benghazi,” Keilar said, “Obviously it is incredibly scary that your workplace is under attack unless…(video to Jan 6 insurrectionists) your workplace is the Capitol.”

“Then according to many, many, many Fox News hosts it’s not such a big deal,” she said.

CNN then played various video clips of the same Fox News hosts severely downplaying the violence, destruction, and death that was perpetrated by seditious Trump supporters.

Keilar continued.

BRIANNA KEILAR: When the perpetrators are Trump supporters in the thousands, four of whom died that day. The victims are police officers, 140 who were injured when five police officers have died in the wake of the attack including or by suicide.

When Fox’s own colleagues had to take cover inside the Capitol complex on January 6, Fox downplays the attack and in many cases flat out doesn’t cover it. Ignores that it ever happened.

Just imagine if Fox hosts could muster for an armed attack on the Capitol the same outrage that they did for their Christmas tree. Perhaps some of the almost half of Republicans who think Jan. 6th was a legitimate protest might actually see it for what it really was.

Fox News is trying to turn their Christmas tree into a liberal conspiracy against Christmas and Christians in their usual unhinged manor.

But when real police officers are killed by a violent and traitorous MAGA mob attempting to unseat a duly elected president, they claim it was an unsupervised tour that got a little bit out of hand.

Praise for this:

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