Despicable Cawthorn Launches Ageist Attack Against Biden

Despicable Cawthorn Launches Ageist Attack Against Biden

The fool from North Carolina didn’t approve that the Pentagon redeployed 3000 troops to help NATO and our Eastern allies.

Representative Cawthorn, who serially soils the honor of being a US Congressman, ranted against Biden on the House floor.

“Madam Speaker, the sons and daughters of America are not foot soldiers for your party’s inept, geriatric despot. They are not expendable pawns to be dispatched at the whims of an idiot, tossed carelessly around the world to godforsaken caves and bloody sandboxes. They are Americans, worthy of honor and dignity. The only salute from them Joe Biden deserves involves one finger,” Cawthorn said.

Republicans no longer disagree in coherent adult terms. It’s all about getting their rants featured on Newsmax.

Many, like Cawthorn, use teenage rank outs and slurs to attack their rivals. Is OANN listening? Mission accomplished.

Rep. Cawthorn’s hostility toward our ally Ukraine makes a person wonder. Is he getting funds from Russian operatives?

This would ring true, especially since critics of his have speculated that Cawthorn may have married a Russian honey pot.

That’s not me saying it, but others. They told me, so I must pass that on to you.

When Biden takes a strong move against Putin, Republicans become Putin’s press secretary.

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