Ex-Obama Official Crushes Fox News' Lie That Hillary Clinton May Run In 2024

Ex-Obama Official Crushes Fox News' Lie That Hillary Clinton May Run In 2024

Whenever Fox News runs out of hyperbolic misinformation about the Biden administration, they lie and pretend that Hillary Clinton might be running in 2024. They just can’t quit her.

Fox News needs a Hillary Rodham Clinton twelve-step program.

On the Faulkner Focus, the host teased a story on Hillary Clinton before her full-blown segment on Clinton’s possible reentry.

On the one hand, Fox News is hoping for the reunion of Clinton, and on the other they’re using it to denigrate Biden and Kamala Harris.

Earlier in the program Faulkner said, “Hillary Clinton is sparking more speculation she’s considering a 2024 run as she jumps back into the political ring, campaigning for fellow Democrats…”

If Hillary Clinton campaigns for any Democratic politician that appears to be a bat signal for Republicans to tout her running in 2024.

Later, she brought the odious Mercedes Schlapp and former Obama team member Suraj Patel to discuss.

After Schlapp blathered on, Harris took over.

“There’s some talk that maybe former Pres. Donald Trump might jump back in, could she beat him?” Faulkner asked.

Patel didn’t take the bait and said this talk was all just “silly.”

After Patel said she’s not planning on running in 2024, off-screen Harris said, “How do you know?”

That’s the investigative type of journalism we’ve come to expect from Harris Faulkner these days. How do you know and what am I? On a show about blather, no less.

Patel replied that everyone she showed and discussed on the segment were all just “speculating for no reason.”

After explaining that campaigning for Tim Ryan is typical behavior, he said, “It’s a silly thing.”

Harris then tried to ask for an imaginary fight between the 2016 nominees, but Patel said that Biden is beating Trump in the polls so it’s irrelevant.

It’s always silly season on Fox News, but this is especially silly. They’re so afraid of Hillary Clinton that they invent ways to light up their audience about her.

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