Faulkner Pretends To Be Confused About Who Gets To Use The N-Word.

Faulkner Pretends To Be Confused About Who Gets To Use The N-Word.

Fox “News” host Harris Faulkner came to the defense of Joe Rogan after he apologized for using the N-word, saying she needs the “rules” and a “list of names” of people who are allowed to use the N-word.

I mean, really?

Suddenly, almost overnight, using the N-word is not considered racist by Harris Faulkner and Fox “News.” (Did they ever consider it racist, actually?)

Jimmy Failla claimed that censoring Rogan for his frequent use of the N-word will destroy the Super Bowl, which means destroying all of society. Note, Spotify pulled at least 70 episode of his podcast down.

This energized the Faulkner, who is Black, to yell, “You know what? That’s the thing!”

She griped, “If Black people are going to use this word in a rap music or wherever it is, then what are the rules? Is there a list of people who use the word?”

“No,” replied Failla.

“I need the list and I need the rules because, to me, to me, if a word is a word is a word, and it’s not going to be used by anybody, then it has to be across the board,” Harris demanded.

If a word is a word and a word is a word and word up!

What the hell, Harris? Is this Dr. Seuss to you?

Faulkner knows very well why Black rappers and Black people in the larger community use the N-word.

It’s unsurprising that the rubes at Fox “News” have alleged “confusion” about for whom it’s acceptable.


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