Flynn Floats Disbanding FBI Because…Maxwell And Epstein?

Flynn Floats Disbanding FBI Because…Maxwell And Epstein?

QAnon whackadoodles have moved away from the grassy knoll where JFK Jr was killed to an indoors venue for what is being called the ‘Awaken America’ Conference, but they’re…still in Dallas. In this really weird clip, a man in the audience asks the panel — which includes Mike Flynn, and Arizona State Senators Wendy Rogers and Mark Finchem — which government agencies they thought should be disbanded “in light of the Maxwell/Epstein trial.”

What? Literally what is going on? What do Ghislaine Maxwell and Jeffrey Epstein have to do with federal agencies, and why should that case lead to disbanding of full agencies?

Well, instead of asking those basic questions, the panel fed right into the crazy, responding:


Because, of course. The FBI and CIA investigate crimes. NSA is in charge of national security. CDC addresses widespread diseases. These are all things QAnon is against. They do not want large scale investigations. They do not care about national security. And they sure as hell do not care about protecting themselves and others from diseases, like pandemics.

Twitter was equally as confused by the question as I was:

Why do they want to disband anything because of the Epstein trial? What did I miss?

— different ≠ wrong (@luvinlifeinID) December 11, 2021

So the group who purports themselves to be against child sex abuse is wanting to disband letter agencies because they caught a sex abuser…

— Anastacya (@Anastacya_99) December 11, 2021

So essentially they want to disband any government agency that could potentially investigate them and/or their ties to foreign actors.

— NoChoice NoSex (@benni1028) December 11, 2021

We have a severe mental health crisis in America…😢

— What’s next? 👀💥☮💉😷💚🌏🌊 (@YahRetiredNow) December 11, 2021

I snort laughed at this one:

QAnon, against crimes, but also against agencies that investigate crimes. Especially child sex abuse. Definitely get rid of those agencies. Also, they are against that crime. But somehow prosecuting two child sex abusers is wrong? Or right? I can’t tell anymore. Do they even know the answer is the question? My guess is no. Not until Q drops some random haiku on a hidden 18chan message board in hieroglyphics that only the highest level QNut can decipher on a special decoder ring that was given to them at the last convention under the bridge in Dallas where the guy with the bird on his shoulder whispered Snapple cap messages into each person’s ear.


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