Fox News Claims Biden Can't Save Christmas, Only Trump

Fox News Claims Biden Can't Save Christmas, Only Trump

For the last several months we have heard right-wing media screaming, “Biden is killing Christmas!” whether it’s a “war on saying Merry Christmas” or the lie that his administration created supply-chain issues so your kids won’t have any gifts under the tree this year.

Liars gotta lie.

Obviously none of those things ever happened.

When the Biden administration proclaims a victory against these nonsense lies, Fox News revolts!

In mid-December, Trump told Mike Huckabee how he saved Christmas, and Huckabee cheered!

On Thursday’s edition of The Five, the right-wing panel members couldn’t handle the fact that the Biden administration has come through the holiday season with flying colors, so instead they howled and howled.

Kayleigh McEnany took the cake when she inadvertently destroyed Donald Trump’s claims of saving Christmas and responded to Biden actually helping Christmas.

Kayleigh said,”Yeah, ‘I saved Christmas.’ Wow that is not an effective talking point because the American people don’t agree.”

Trump almost killed Christmas single-handedly with his inept and immoral inaction dealing with Covid in 2020, but saving Christmas is only a good talking point if Traitor Trump lies about it and takes credit.

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